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With July already in session, college students near and far are finally enjoying the one thing everyone always looks forward to: summer. Whether you’re stuck taking summer classes or are busy enjoying your last summer at home before heading off to college, there’s no doubt that listening to a few sick tunes will make your day even more enjoyable. Every year, The Prospect compiles some of the best songs we’ve been listening to this year and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. If you haven’t already, check out our 2014 Summer Playlist and the 2015 Fall playlist. And without further ado, check out the best tunes of Summer 2015, with contributions from The Prospect staff!


Beat of My Drum – POWERS

While I’ll be the first to say that I’ve never heard of this band before, there’s nothing short of awesome and fun in their song Beat of My Drum. This song is as if Adam Levine’s high pitched voice fused with the best keyboard in the world and produced a song to the most head-bopping beat in the universe. Released in June, this song is that one song that will get you jumping out of your chair so you can dance along. And yes, the self-proclaimed-dancing-queen-of-1-AM (ehm *me*) can testify to this.


FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna ft. Kanye West and Paul McCartney

TP writer Kathleen Norton loves jamming out to this song “a lot because it has mastered the vibe of being super rad, raw, and carefree while also being super angry at the world.” She says she “strives to achieve this level of vibe-age.” Me too, homie. Me too.


Girls Like Girls – Hayley Kiyoko

Remember that one girl from Lemonade Mouth and and Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins? Well, she’s back and better than ever. Hayley Kiyoko’s recent string of releases for her latest EP– This Side of Paradise— is hand down of the best things to ever grace my ears this year. Her latest single, Girls Like Girls is not only infectiously head bopping and catchy, but also has one of the best music videos I’ve seen in a while.


Hummed Low – Odessa

Though this song no doubt has an autumn feel to it, there’s nothing as peaceful as hearing beautiful vocals not being overpowered by the instrumental arrangement. “It just feels good to listen to and reminds me of road trips and wanting to be with people but being afraid at the same time,” says Kathleen.  10/10 would recommend for anyone with a good sense of musical taste.


Lifted Up (1985) Passion Pit 

There are very few things greater than the dreamscape vibes that summer possess. Fellow staffer Adam Vicent recommend Lifted Up because “contagious and glitzy and ephemeral, Passion Pit is always a great choice for a summer soundtrack– but the hints of bittersweet nostalgia on Lifted Up make it particularly resonant for everyone on the cusp of a new stage of life.

Budapest – George Ezra
Although Budapest was released as a single over a year ago, George Ezra’s hand-clapper of a song is finally getting some air time here on U.S. airways. TP staffer Allison Esquen-Roca absolute loves this song. Why? “It has a nice soothing melody that makes me feel at ease, which is why I always have it on repeat at my internship!”

Crash – Thomas Rhett
If you’re looking for a more country-pop-rock song to get you really in the typical summer spirit, then Crash is the perfect tune for you! Though the song resonates with country radio fans more than the average listener, there’s no doubt that Crash is a catchy, infection summer song. If there’s one song to sing at the top of your lungs this summer, it just might be this.

Neck Deep – Can’t Kick Up The Roots
If neither pop, country, pr indie-electronic are your tastes, maybe a throwback to your middle school days will get you really in the summer mood. As fellow writer Claire Tran says, “this pop punk anthem quite literally goes back to the roots of the genre. The easygoing vibe, hometown hero lyrics, catchy hooks, and subtle but killer bass line will reel you back to your middle school emo days (but with a much better haircut).” Definitely got us in a #TBT, Claire.

Radio – Santigold

If you were a fan of last year’s hit single Boom Clap by Charli XCXthen you’ll absolutely love the latest song by Santigold. One of the most anticipated movies of this year is Paper Towns and what’s better than an official soundtrack of the film starring one of the catchiest songs this year? The song is filled with infectious lyrics and a great beat to get you into the groove!


Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd

What’s better than a song by The Weeknd that is heavily reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s funky vibe? The answer is nothing– really, nothingCan’t Feel My Face features a sound a bit different than what The Weeknd is known for, but that definitely does not make it in any way, shape, or form inferior to his other songs. The tune is filled with a great foot thumping, heap-bopping, funky tune, guaranteed to make you get up and dance during your Netflix break.


Future People – Alabama Shakes 

If you’re into great guitar playing and amazingly powerful vocals, Future People by Alabama Shakes is just for you. While this song isn’t pop driven, nor does it have a ridiculous drop, the song is definitely very summer-esque. Great lyrics and incredible vocals, along with a fantastic amalgam of instruments is really all you need for Summer 2015.


Further On – Bronze Radio Return

Okay, so I realize this song came out years ago but to this day, it’s still quite popular and enjoyable to listen to during the summer. Further On has a catchy, folksy driven feel to it, along with hints of nostalgia– perfect for those starting a new part of their live. As TP staffer Darcy Schild proclaims, “this song is about new beginnings and moving on, but it’s not sappy– it’s actually really lively and catchy.”

Although we love a variety of songs, sometimes nothing beats sitting in a car, jamming out had to your favorite album by your favorite artists. Some albums are just too fantastic that listing every track is just too tedious. One of the most anticipated and straight up glorious albums of the year is Unbreakable Smile by the actual vocal goddess, Tori Kelly. Other great albums of 2015 include How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful by Florence + The MachineTo Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick LamarBlurryface by twenty one pilotsWilder Mind by Mumford and Sons, and Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes

Did your favorite songs of this year make it to our list? Comment below and let us know what you’re jamming out to this summer!

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