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That top from Forever 21 may seem like a great purchase at the moment, but is it really? As teenagers, people are often eager to spend the money that they receive from birthdays, graduations, and part-time jobs. These purchases are usually only thought out for a short amount of time before they are carried out. As teenagers grow older these decisions become harder and harder. There are tons of things to begin thinking about as you start getting older, like if you should buy that perfume you just stumbled upon or should you save it so that you can go dorm shopping in the summer. These choices are in no way easy and it can be difficult weighing the pros and cons. Here are some great things to think about when making a purchase.


One simple word is one of the greatest ways to decide whether or not you really want an item. When you see an item that you want to buy don’t buy it and walk away for a few days. By doing this you’ll realize how many items are just impulse buys. There will by numerous times when you forget about the item completely. By waiting a few days to buy whatever you wanted you’re going to save tons of money on products that you never really wanted. If after a few days you’re still thinking about that cute pair of jeans or that new video game go ahead and buy it. A great way to still save money though is to wait for it to go on sale. Chances are it’ll go on sale in a few weeks and if you can wait that long it’ll be less damage on your wallet.

Time Sensitive Purchases

When it comes to time sensitive purchases they can be the hardest decision to make. These include concert tickets, video games consoles, and sale items. These are the purchases that have to be done soon and waiting is not going to work. The majority of the time the sorts of things are advertised in advance. This means you’ve already done a ton of wait by waiting for the release. This is a great indication of whether you should make the purchase or not. If you counting down the days and are ready to line up outside the store at midnight then chases are you really want it. If you see the ad and just think “oh cool” you probably skip and save you money for another day.

The Real World

Everyone has to grow up at some point. Right now the majority of people are lucky to have their parents pay for things such food, electric, and housing, but that will be over soon enough. When deciding whether or not to spend or pass look at the money you’ll have to spend in the future.

For seniors it’s a great idea to look at how much money you’ll be spending on things such as books and dorm decorating in the incoming months. Do a bit a research and see how much money you’re going to be dishing out this upcoming summer/fall. It’ll also help give you a reason to save your money.

When Will You Get It Back?

If you get most of your money from a part time job it’s a good idea to look at how much of that money you are spending and how fast. When making big purchase think about how many hours you’d need to work before you earn that money back. That thought alone can be enough to make you realize that the purchase isn’t for you. You’ll begin to realize that you’re using ten hours of pay on one shirt.

Stopping yourself from making a purchase can be a hard thing to do and who’s to blame you. When getting ready to make those big purchase take a few days to think it over, that way you reassure yourself that you won’t regret the purchase. Also making a list of upcoming expenses will help you see the money that you may want to save for the future. Of course there are always exceptions and you should by no means stop buying the things you want, but it is always good to be more observant of the purchases you are making.

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