Considering becoming a business major? Continue on to find out more! Image from Pexels.

Considering becoming a business major? Continue on to find out more! Image from Pexels.

Are you extroverted and love interacting with people? Consider business! Are you introverted and prefer crunching out numbers behind the scenes? Consider business! From accounting, consulting, investment banking, marketing, and more, a business major opens up an entire field of possible careers. While you do not necessarily need to be a business major to get a business-related job, this particular major truly prepares you for the dog-eat-dog world out there.

So what does a business major do exactly? Most programs give their students a broad understanding of the field as a whole, though students can also choose to specialize in a certain sector. Graduates often leave with amazing analytical and communication skills, as well as knowledge of accounting, management, marketing, and finance. While some continue on to pursue an MBA, most enter the job market immediately.

What kind of job can you achieve with a business degree? Listed below are some of the more popular options, though there are many, many more out there for you to choose from.


One of the key pillars of any business major, most students will take at least one accounting class over the duration of their course. Accountants mainly handle financial records, and ensure that all of the documents are in order. A mistake from an accountant can mean serious legal issues, so accounting requires a lot of precision and focus on details (as well as math, obviously).


If you have ever done a business case competition, that is basically what consulting consists of. Consultants will analyze certain areas of a business, and report back on ways to fix problems or improve on current models. This usually requires a great grasp of many aspects of a business, as well as skills in analyzing issues and presenting solutions.


Marketers focus on understanding the consumer, and build a connection between the corporation and the consumer, there’s a marketing specialists for everybody, there’s even an option for dental marketing strategies. This could involve working with advertisement, researching different market aspects, or ensuring that the company has a stable brand. So if you often get told that you are a people person, marketing may be the right job for you.

International Business

If you have a love for travel and also happen to know another language or two, this major may be perfect for you. A major focused on international business will not only involve a thorough understanding of business concepts, but also knowledge of other global cultures. Any sector listed above has the potential to go international, though consulting and investment banking are known to involve more travelling than the average business career.

Yet how do you know if business is right for you? If you are in high school, consider taking a business class or two, or even take the AP Micro/Macroeconomics test to see if you have a natural inclination towards the field. There are also business clubs available at certain high schools, such as Future Business Leaders of America that allow students to further evaluate if business is a major they want to pursue. Furthermore, certain universities and even high schools will hold case study competitions, where students create and present solutions to possible problems a business may have.

Already in university and considering switching into a business major? Fret not, you still can! Take a few courses to see how you like the major, or better yet, join a club or too. Many universities have business fraternities where you can network with others who are hoping to find a career in business, and there are also clubs for every sector of business. Whether it be an accounting honor society of a student consulting group, there’s something for everyone.

While most business majors continue on to a business-related field, a degree in business can prepare you for many other types of jobs, as well as help you gain the skills to enter a graduate school. As mentioned earlier, business majors learn to skills in researching, writing, and presenting, which are all necessary traits any recruiter or employer seeks in their potential candidates.  So consider business! Who knows, you may find your calling.

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