I’m an introvert. One of “those” people who would rather spend their free time quietly in a small group of trusted friends or simply alone.

But I’m also a college student, which means that parties are a real and pressing part of my life.

In my three years of school, I’ve realized that just because I don’t like going to parties doesn’t mean that I’m boring. It doesn’t mean I’m not social. It just means that I want to rest and build up my energy.

Here are my musings on how to strike a balance.

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the author

Jillian is better known by her pseudonym “CollegeApp Chick", which is half college application blog and half small private college advising business. She’s currently studying Psychology and Religious Studies at a small public school south of the Mason Dixon line. When not advising, studying, or blogging Jillian is an active member of the Shakespeare theatre club, sandbox improv, women’s chorus, and is an officer in a social sorority. She likes to talk, a lot. Most importantly, Jillian wears dresses more than 250 days a year. For more of Jillian’s tips, find her at her website or her Tumblr.

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