Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

DIY, otherwise known as Do It Yourself, is an acronym created for all of the crafty (and not so crafty) people out there. Doing things by yourself will save money, and most of all, provide satisfaction. Though being crafty to begin with can be helpful while doing DIY projects, ultimately, as long as you are having fun while doing them, you don’t need any great amount of skill. It even becomes easier if you have the tools lying around your home.

If you are working on some woodcraft, you might need a drill or specific tools like a router. A tool reviewer from Best of Machinery reported that  “Router tables allow you to use both of your hands to guide the wood whilst the router does its thing. Now, routing saw tables allows you to be more accurate with your shaping, and to feel a lot safer doing so.” This becomes so handy when you are trying to improve the aesthetics of a craft.

You may be saying, “Well I don’t have time to do arts and crafts,” but you are indeed mistaken. Some activities take no longer than five minutes. One such example is a DIY lip exfoliating scrub that has various recipes, but the most simple of them all is made up of a half tsp. of olive oil, 2 tbsp. of white sugar, and 1 tsp. of honey. It is not time consuming to create this exfoliator, and using it also does not take very long. Simply rub the product on your lips in a circular motion for a minute, and huzzah, you’ll have smooth lips.

DIY is also fantastic for home and room décor. You may find the butterflies on your wall from sixth grade to be a little outdated for your current personality and don’t care for them any longer. This is another time when DIY can be useful. While you could go to the store and buy a poster of your favorite celebrity or a painting to hang over the spot, it is much more rewarding to create your own wall art. An example of such is a melted crayon art piece. To do this begin by finding a canvas (or foam board) that you like and glue the crayons down to the canvas along the top of the canvas. The next part is a tad messier and involves a hair dryer. Since it’s messy, cover the area you’re doing it in with newspaper, but if you have an outlet outdoors, it may just be easier to do it outside. Take the hairdryer and wave it in back and forth motions across the crayons. It takes some time, but they eventually begin to melt. You, the artist, chooses when to stop. An optional step to this process would be drawing an image on the bottom and adding a quote before you begin melting the crayons.

DIY has another common form called upcycling. Upcycling is very popular currently and items that have been upcycled can even be found in name brand stores. Pencil cases that are made out of caprisuns, and trashcans that look like they are made of newspaper and magazines are both examples of upcycling.

A great way to get rid of old t-shirts that are too raggedy to donate is upcycling. You can take your old t-shirts, cut them into strips, and create a really awesome rug filled with old memories. More uses for old t-shirts using these same strips are bracelets, necklaces and scarves. One of the most ingenious uses for old t-shirts is creating a new shirt from them. Simplest of all, cutting the sides and arms off creates a muscle tank. One could also create cool crop top in a few steps. The first would be to cut both sleeves off. Next, choose a level that you like and cut the back of the t shirt to that level, and after that, cut the front into a triangle with equal sides, stopping at the same level you created in the back. Lastly, cut a slit down the middle of the triangle, and tie the two sides.

The greatest part of DIY crafts is that they can be used as gifts for friends. These gifts have more of a personal touch to them as they were personally made by you for your friend. Thousands projects can be found online by simply searching them through a search engine. I can guarantee that after you finish your first DIY project, you will be satisfied and coming back for more.

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