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We all have those friends who have decided to do absolutely nothing, especially come senior year. It has become a daily routine for that friend to meet you at your locker and ask they can copy some piece of homework. Since you love them dearly, you say yes. But, while you want to help  your friend, you don’t want to be stuck doing all the work. You and your friend are stuck in a routine and you’re unable to say no whenever she/he asks to copy an array of homework every day. However, don’t fear, there is a way to break the cycle and get back to doing your homework for one.

The most common reason friends tend to ask for your homework, is because they have no clue what’s going on in class, or because they are just confused in general.  Be a good friend and help them out, give them software for statistics on homework. Instead of letting them copy your homework, which doesn’t actually teach them anything, give them your notes and let them copy those instead. If they are still confused, have a study session with them and help them figure out the things they don’t know. While just giving them your homework might seem easier, you’re only hurting them in the future. They won’t know the material come test time, and that is usually a lager percent of your grade then homework. Remember you can give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he’ll eat for a lifetime.

It’s time to show your friends a bit of tough love and just say no to helping them cheat. Why? You’re not helping them by letting them just copy your homework every day. And this is an icy, dangerous hill to fall down; it starts as just copying your homework, then it goes to helping your friend during a test, and finally they’re reading your papers just to “get a few ideas”. This is a slippery slope, and if I’ve learned anything this winter, it’s that ice can take you down in a heartbeat.  Do the both of you a favor and say no before it goes too far. You have to be the one to say when enough is enough. Getting out of the cycle may be hard, but it can be done.

Remember, after high school it is likely that you and your friend are going to go separate ways. Don’t let them fall into these bad habits during high school. By making them do the work on their own, you will be helping them out in the long run. This way, if they go into the work force they won’t be used to just getting people to do the work for them. Or, if they go to college they’ll know how to doing all the homework themselves. This will allow them to better handle the stress, and work load, that college will bring.

Finally, wouldn’t it be fun when you see a zero for your homework grade when you finally get caught? Yeah I didn’t think so. Teachers are much smarter than most students give them credit for. One day they are going to figure out the you and your friend happen to have the exact same answers.  Your friend won’t be the only one getting punished when this happens. Be honest with yourself, is it really worth getting a homework grade of zero, and getting “cheater” inscribed on your record, simply so that you don’t get in a little fight with you friend?(Truth time? So not worth it.)

And just remember, saying no is not only going to help you, but it’s going to help your friend too.When you really think about you aren’t helping you friend to much when you let them copy your homework. You are letting them fall into bad habits that will hurt them in the future. While it might seem scary to tell your friend no because you fear a big blow out, it is for the best. You also have to remember that she won’t be the only one getting in trouble when you guys get caught. Don’t get in trouble for the hard work you did.  Helping her learn the material is going to help them is going to help them do well in the class not just skate by.

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