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Waiting for college letters can be terrible. Senioritis has got you in the firmest of grips, and all you can do is wait for something that you can’t even begin to understand. College? They say you’ll discover your self there, while you race after your passions and find real friends, that these choices you make will determine the rest of your life, and they expect you to be excited. You’re struggling, though; you’re scared, too. All this impending college stuff makes you think, “What is all this about, really?” (Unfortunately, Camus has rubbed off on you).

This mess of emotions is a hard pill to swallow every day, when your teachers are still squeezing out of you as many hours of busy-work and exam preparation as they can. Believe me, summer will come soon enough, along with certainty and closure. Remember, it’s your last childhood summer at home.

Yes, college is a MILLION times better than high school could ever be, and yes, waiting for college acceptance letters is the most aggravating time in the world, but hey, let’s be honest: high school has its moments, and the best memories are made near the end of senior year.

So while you have some time on your hands, while you’re waiting and wishing and wanting, make a high school bucket list. Leave no stone unturned. I didn’t.

That was my plan, at least. I ended up doing a lot of things I didn’t expect I’d do. I went to prom three times. I won runner-up for the “Best to Take Home to Mom” title in our yearbook. I fractured my wrist playing varsity badminton. (Don’t ask how). I discovered the Golden Gate Bridge is HELLA FREAKIN LONG. And yes, #1, I fell in love. That one’s always a surprise.

Lili’s Ridiculously Long (and Seriously Thorough) High School Bucket List:

1. Fall in love.
2. Go to prom.
3. Watch “Mean Girls” for the billionth time.
4. Go skinny-dipping.
5. Get a title in the yearbook.
6. Learn how to play the guitar.
7. Kiss in the rain.
8. Kiss a girl.
9. Give free hugs on Valentines Day.
10. Dress up for a midnight movie premier.
11. Try a food whose name I can’t pronounce.
12. Dance in a flash mob.
13. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
14. Walk through an In-N-Out drive-through.
15. Send a message in a bottle.
16. Fly a kite.
17. Go 24-hours without electronics.
18. Bury a time capsule.
19. Make a bed-sheet fort in my room.
20. Find out how many licks it takes to reach the center of a tootsie pop. FINALLY.
21. Learn how to snowboard.
22. Dye my hair.
23. Make a high school scrapbook.
24. Dress up every day during Spirit Week.
25. Get my driver’s license.
26. Give blood.
27. Go swimsuit shopping.
28. Have a tea party with my grandma.
29. Play Dungeons and Dragons (or some equally nerdy game).
30. Take a career-aptitude test.
31. Travel abroad.
32. Get a summer job.
33. Go on a scavenger hunt.
34. Run a 10K or half-marathon.
35. Leave a note tucked into my favorite book from the school library.
36. Adopt a freshman.
37. Tell my favorite teacher how much she meant to me.
38. Leave town on a family outing.
39. Learn how to cook.
40. Play the Ouija board.
41. Draw a silly self-portrait.
42. Go to a concert.
43. Climb a mountain.
44. Throw a (surprise birthday) party.
45. Skip class.
46. Go camping with friends.
47. Pull a senior prank.
48. Make a varsity sport.
49. Take a road trip.
50. Leave a handprint in wet cement.

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