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No matter how much we love the idea of sitting in a classroom nearly all day for five days a week, all types of students need to set aside an hour of relaxation. Sometimes your week can look and be incredibly busy, filled with events and tests. Stress, stress, and more stress is the single word that characterizes moments of our lives such as these. To be realistic, one can even take advantage of a “relaxation hour” before the test to clear your mind. There are a variety of outlets to channel your stress and free yourself from unnecessary high blood pressure.


From heavy metal to the classics, the sound of a good tune can play an enormous role in letting your mind roam away from your troubles, even if its just for a few minutes. Seriously though, certain neurotransmitters are actually released, playing a major role in indicating an array positive behaviors. As crazy as it sounds, I love to to just lie down on my bed with the music blasting in one ear and out the other. It helps to create a playlist specifically for moments such as these.


Take advantage of this. Once you become accustomed to the idea and practice of regularly exercising as a form of stress relief, the

long-term benefits are undeniable. Not only will you become a healthier version of yourself, but you will also find a definitive way to let go of all of your worries. Remember, exercising comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, feel free to explore the idea of lifting weights or marathon training. Your options are indeed endless.

Pick Up a Hobby

Although the generic nature of the word characterizes this form of stress relief, the number of different types of hobbies out there is outrageous. Literally. Crafty? Pursue do it yourself projects! Sporty? Find a hobby that embraces the accolades of nature! A simple google search of the unique kinds of hobbies will yield a vast amount of interesting leisure activities and side interests. Simply pick one and stick with it.


Now you must be thinking, family?! They’re the ones who stress me out the most! This shouldn’t always be true. It is incredibly important to always have you’re personalized rock. People who you can count on. People who you trust. Essentially, people who believe in you. Sometimes conveying the amount of work to your loved ones can help them help you relieve any unnecessary worries that directly lead to stress. For example, you may not see any hope at passing an upcoming test, but perhaps they can brighten the light at the end of the tunnel.

What Not to Do

Even though there are numerous ways to relieve your stress, there are also a number of ways to NOT relieve your stress. For example, one of the most important things to follow is to refrain from stress-eating. We’ve all done it, heck even I’ve been known to scarf down endless amounts of pizza rolls the night before the test. Bottom line: it is incredibly unhealthy. It isn’t good for you to binge eat due to stress.

Other things you should definitely avoid doing include projecting anger towards others. Yes, your mom might be vacuuming across the house after dinner, but that isn’t an excuse to shout in rage and blame her for the possibility of you failing your test the following day. Nope. If you fail your test, thats all on you buddy.

What happens now?

Do not be afraid to adapt to your own personal study habits and stress relief practices. Every person is unique in this particular aspect. No matter how much you love studying the woes of anything such as Organic Chemistry to analyzing the effects of Julius Caesar in modern day history, stress relief will always be needed. From music to exercising to doing both at the same time, find your outlet. Everyone needs a form stress relief, especially as finals come up. Believe it or not, they’re sooner than you’d think. Be ready when they come knocking.

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