“Well, crap,” I thought to myself as I walked into my first period my junior year wearing one bright yellow shoe on my left foot and one pale pink shoe on my right. I had officially reached that point in my high school career.

Junior year is the hardest year for most college aspiring students, and it can be the most painful. College admission officers pay special attention to junior year grades and extracurriculars, and students typically push themselves the hardest during this time. However, that doesn’t mean you have to burn yourself out. You can definitely balance a social life and academics without ending up looking like Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future (I don’t think that outfit would go over well at prom…). Here are some pretty sweet tips for pwning the Junior Year Slump:

1. Become a time management connoisseur. If you keep a detailed calendar or planner, you are more likely to finish all of your work before 2 am (trust me, it works). Contrary to popular belief, procrastination is not your friend. DO YOUR WORK ON TIME, YOUNG *INSERT GENDER NEUTRAL NOUN HERE*.

2. “I love sleep. My life has a tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” — Ernest Hemingway.
Studies show that the more you sleep, the less delusional you become. Also, if you finish all your work on time, your mind won’t be racing about all the things you have to do in the morning. Planner + telling procrastination to GTFO + sleep = see where I’m going with this?

3. Pick activities you actually ENJOY. During my high school years, I must admit that I did certain activities (*cough* marching band *cough*) that I really didn’t enjoy whatsoever. You don’t want your extracurricular time to seem like a chore. Your school doesn’t offer an any activities you like? Create a new one! Not only will you be happier (and less like to into a zombie), but you will also be helping your college application in the long run (admissions officers like to see initiative and passion). #doublepwn

4. Hang out with your friends. I turned into a hermit. DON’T TURN INTO A HERMIT. I know you have a ton of work, but you have to have some chill time as well. Ain’t no party like an S Club party, AMIRIGHT?

5. Invest in a classy pair of sweatpants or Pajama JeansThere are some days junior year where you find yourself deep in the trenches. Come dressed appropriately.

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  1. Chris C. on March 17, 2013

    Mismatched shoes and pajama jeans, classic T-Fish! Great article!

  2. Ava Cannon on November 1, 2016

    Very worth reading

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