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Disney. The creator of many childhood memories is the company that is known as Disney. Movies like The Lion King, changing our idea of what life and death truly mean, or Lilo & Stitch, where we learn about different families, are just a few of the things this company has imparted to the children of the nation. Many kids have grown up with the desire to be a princess someday–from Cinderella, Snow White, and Jasmine to Tiana, Anna, Elsa, and all those in between. Undeniably, this is a company that gives childhood its magic.

Although Disney plays a huge role in many people’s childhoods, it is easy to grow out of it. Some may believe that if they’re 18, 27, or 45 and still haven’t been to a Disney park that it’s too late to go. They are wrong because it is never to late to go to Disney.

Many people go to Disney because they want to meet the princesses. No matter your age, the princess that you visit won’t break character and will treat you just like the princess (or prince) that you are. All of the characters aim to make you feel your best and put a smile on your face. Buzz Lightyear is known for his sense of humor and posing, and Peter Pan is always mischievous just to make you smile. The characters know that they are a central part of the Disney experience, and they want you to believe that, too. There are so many events, such as parades, where you can see the characters come to life, dance, and sing, and you may even get the chance to participate as well!

If you think you’re too old for the whole “taking pictures with characters” thing (WHICH YOU AREN’T) there are plenty of other grown-up activities that you can do in the parks. For example, if you go to Disney World, which is in Florida, you can explore Epcot. There are many “countries” you can go to and explore in Epcot. You can meet people of different cultures, taste different foods, and see goods from around the world, or even from fairly close by, like Canada. This experience is one that allows you to get a taste of all the cultures you’ve always wanted to experience without having to pay for an even more expensive plane ticket to visit the country.

Another attraction in the parks (Epcot and California Adventure) is Soarin’, a ride in which you are lofted into the air and made to feel like you are really flying and smelling the world. From the orange groves to the pine trees and even a refreshing mist by the beach, you’ll be able to experience it all. There aren’t just “kiddy” rides, there are those such as space mountain where you are sent through dark caverns at roaring speeds. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, which is why they have warnings about not going on if you have heart problems, so maybe those “kiddy rides” are for you. All jokes aside there are limitless opportunities to enjoy yourself in the park. Get a caricature while you’re there or even take pictures with the characters (who also happen to be adults), because once again we all know you want to.

The hotels at Disney are rather expensive but worth it–imagine sleeping in a room straight out of a fairytale. Many couples go to Disney World for vacations and even for their honeymoons. It would be very romantic to spend a night in a place where everyone really wants you to “be their guest.” (If you don’t get the hint, it should be sung like in Beauty and the Beast). There are hundreds of restaurants on the resort, so you would be able to dine in a different venue every night. There are even parts of Disney World that, while still child friendly, seem more for adults, such as Hollywood Studios. You could audition for Disney’s American Idol or have a cup of coffee at a local café. No matter where you go in Hollywood, you’ll feel like a star.

Disney parks and attractions present opportunities for fun for everyone–not just kids. No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to have fun in the magical world of Disney.

The Prospect is in no way, shape, or form endorsed by Disney to write this article (though we probably wish we were).

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