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Finding and picking the perfect minor can be a huge struggle, trust me I know. I have changed around my major and minor so many times and I finally feel like I sort of have it figured out (keep in mind I am a junior…). My minor has changed from History to Writing and now it is at it’s final resting place: Public Relations. I am not going to lie, there are still days when I want to pull my hair out and move away from this minor too, but somehow I persist. Finding the perfect minor can be a difficult thing to do, but I want to give you some tips on how to chose a minor that works for you.

In the minor world I think you can do one of two things: pick a complimentary minor to your major, or pick a fun minor. I chose the fun route. Sociology and Public Relations don’t really go together. I find that on the research side I am learning a lot of the same terms, but they aren’t being implemented the same way–they just don’t mesh. Don’t feel like you automatically have to go for the complimentary route when it comes to picking your minor. If I’d done that I’d probably have an Anthropology minor right now, but ultimately it’s all about what makes you happy.

1. Chose Classes That Make You Happy.

In my opinion a minor should be easier than your major, but that may not be everyone’s sentiment though. I feel that your minor should be a solace when your major gets stressful for you. Working in certain fields can be tough, so chose a minor that allows you to relax a little. Studying for my communications/PR related classes is always a smidgen easier than taking my sociology classes.This allows me to take it easy a bit and enjoy more classes.

2. Take Classes That Help You Prepare for Grad School.

If you are a lucky ducky and your proposed grad school career is in something simple then you may be able to find a minor directly related to your grad school dreams. I want to go to grad school for College Student Personnel Administration(CSPA), so unfortunately there is no such minor at my school. With CSPA you have to have at least a little knowledge in Public Relations though so my minor became a good fit even though it’s not specifically where I want to be in graduate school.

3. Interdisciplinary Minors.

If you are just very unsure about what to minor in I would advise you to look into an interdisciplinary minor. Many schools will allow you to be the creator of your own minor. If you are finding it hard to pinpoint just one thing you are interested in, consider choosing this!

4. Consider If You Need A Minor. There are many degrees at my school that take up so much time that you don’t actually need a minor to graduate. If you are finding it hard to decide on a minor ask your adviser if you actually need one.  I personally couldn’t get out of a minor because we need 120 hours to graduate and my major only takes up 33 of those hours.

5. Think Back To Your Favorite General Education Courses. If you are still having a hard time pinning down your minor, think about your favorite general education courses! Which courses did you really enjoy taking or which courses did you do really well in? Consider taking more of those courses to find out where you should be.

6. Take Random Courses. My Introduction to Public Relations course was the course that made me decide to get a minor in PR. Before then I hadn’t really even thought of the possibility. I took my Intro class on a whim because it fit in my schedule and now I am so glad that I did. It has given me a minor that I am very proud to have.

So there you have it propsies, six tips to help you find the perfect minor to go along with you already rad major! I hope this helps you decide what you want your minor to become!

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Amanda Cross is a Junior at the University of Central Arkansas where she studies Sociology with a minor in Public Relations. Amanda is the Housing Chair for the Alpha Omicron chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma and a UCA Ambassador on her campus. When Amanda is not at school you can usually find her blogging, reading, hanging out with friends/family, or sleeping. Amanda writes her own blog titled College is Love, and she also writes for UChic and The Smart Girls Group Loop.

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