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Congratulations Prospies! By now you have been accepted to at least one school and are trying to figure out housing arrangements for next year. One of the biggest concerns students moving away from home have is whether they are going to get along with their roommate(s). The choice to pick a roommate or go random is a daunting one, however it needs to be made. Going random isn’t for everyone, but neither is picking a roommate. Here are three pros and cons to going through the random roommate selection process:


You get to meet someone new

College is all about experiencing new things. For most students, this is their first time away from home. While living with a complete stranger is hard to do at first, this person will probably have never experienced living on their own before either. The people on your floor most likely have not met one another prior to coming to college either. Even if you and your roommate do not always see eye to eye, there is a good chance that the both of you will be able to bond over not experiencing anything like college before.

If you end up hating your roommate you won’t feel any guilt

There are many instances where people who have chosen their roommates do not end up liking them and often times feel hesitant to act on their thoughts that it was a poor decision. Random roommate selection is a “no-strings-attached” process. If you have huge problems with your roommate then you probably will be given the option to move at some point.

You (shouldn’t) have any expectations going in

Everyone wants to make friends because humans need to make connections with other humans in order to survive. Being given a random roommate means that you (probably) will never have met them before, and because of this you should not expect to become best friends with them. People also portray themselves differently on the Internet, especially when they are trying to impress someone, than how they are in real life. By going random you are putting your trust into your school’s system, which saves you from thinking that the person you are choosing to room with is someone they are not.


You don’t know if you will get along with your roommate

Some people are difficult to live with. No matter how many times you can tell your roommate to pick up their side of the room, to stop being noisy after certain hours, or that they cannot have their significant other staying over every night, after a certain point enough is enough. If you truly are not able to get along with your roommate you will be able to change rooms at some point. However, think of it as a learning experience. You won’t like everyone you have to be around in your life, and your freshman year roommate might be one of them.

They might not respect your requests

Again, some people are not meant to live with other people. They also might not know how to conduct themselves around other individuals when sharing a space. Because you have no prior relations your roommate might think that it is okay to push limits. While this is not something that anyone should do to another person, some people don’t care.

You two aren’t interested in the same things

Having a roommate who isn’t interested in the same things as you are can be uncomfortable and awkward at times. Rather than dismissing their interests, be open minded and attempt to learn more about why they enjoy certain hobbies or entertainment. You might not become interested in it, but it certainly helps to become educated in anything you possibly can. College is about expanding your interests and knowledge about various subjects rather than becoming close minded.

Whether you choose to go random or pick your roommate, be aware that everyone’s situations differ. You may love your roommate as a friend but find that it’s too hard to stay close friends by continuing to room together. At the same time, never feel like you should remain in a bad roommate situation for the sake of “sticking it out.” It’s not worth it. Good luck!

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