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Ah, your favorite subject. It’s the one you can breeze right through when you are doing homework, the one you can always expect a good grade in, and out of your entire high school schedule it’s the only class you actually enjoy sitting through. Regardless of what your favorite subject in high school might be, it may or may not end up being the best college major for you after all. Let’s weigh the pros and cons.

The Advantages of Majoring in Your Favorite Subject


Your first semester in college is utterly terrifying. Between all the new material, new learning techniques, and lecture halls, you desire what is familiar and comforting. Your favorite high school subject will likely show up in your schedule and likely make you breathe a sigh of relief. We all look for the familiar in the unfamiliar, so majoring in your favorite subject will continue to be a something you truly enjoy throughout your college years.

You already have a fundamental understanding of it

Whether at a liberal arts or trade school, college will introduce you to many new subjects and ideas. Like a Mathematics major who has all the formulas memorized and an English major who can recognize a literary device on command, your favorite subject is probably something you know very well. This saves you time, energy, and all the extra work that comes with majoring in something that you don’t know as well.

The certainty of it

When it comes to majoring in your favorite subject, you are already certain of it. There might not be any trial and error when it comes to choosing your major. You could be the minority and not change your major. It is already something that you enjoy, that you love doing, and you never need to second-guess it. You know what you love and if your favorite high school subject turned college major is leading you down a path you want to pursue, you are golden.

Confidence in what you love

If you come into college with a passion for your major already solidified from it being your favorite subject, you are all set. Arriving at college with a major that you love will allow you to look into career fields that go hand-in-hand with what you are studying. If you love your major and allow your major to open your eyes to different job opportunities, you will more than likely end up loving your job. Seriously, who doesn’t want to walk into work with a smile on their face every morning?

The Disadvantages of Majoring in Your Favorite Subject

The lack of exploration

Some people go into college with no idea of what they want to major in, not to mention what they want to do for a career. Majoring in your favorite subject could become an act of convenience and this could prevent you from exploring other courses of study. By sticking to the familiar, you could easily miss out on another great passion.

Where you start might not be where you end up

People change their majors all the time. When you go into college with a one track mind of what you want to study, it is easy to rack up credits for a specific degree, only for you to change your mind later on and be extremely behind. Even if it is your favorite subject and what you think you want, keep in mind that you might not feel the same way later on.

You may love it, but you can’t live off it

Maybe your favorite subject is one of the things in your life that brings you great happiness. Maybe you took a poetry class in high school and your life hasn’t been the same since. If we can be honest here, majoring in poetry won’t exactly pay the bills. Your favorite subject can be something you enjoy and pursue on the side, but it doesn’t have to be your major. It’s true that your major sometimes doesn’t end up being even related to your job, but it helps to be realistic with yourself.

You may want to be something else

When you picture where you want to be years from now, you could have a very specific image in mind. However, your favorite subject may not lead you there. If you want more than anything else to become a doctor but your favorite subject is English, you might need to pick another major to pursue a career in the medical field. Your favorite high school subject may not lead you to the path that you want, but you can always minor in it instead.

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