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A playground for politicians and a field day for the press, the 2016 election is rapidly on its way to becoming the most controversial elections in American history. Whether you watched the GOP debate from start to finish or have no idea what the GOP is, I’m here to give you some unbiased facts so that you’re prepared when voting day arrives in November.

Before we can get into the views of the candidates, we must first take a look at the candidates themselves. The crowded Republican Party had seventeen contenders attend the Grand Old Party (GOP) debate, the first in a series that will lead to the Republican party’s eventual nomination in February. The current front runners representing the Republican party include Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Opposing these two on the Democratic side include two favorites, Hillary Clinton and Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. While these four contenders may already seem like a lot they are just the tip of the iceberg; check out all the nominees for the 2016 election here.

Even though there are only two central parties, the Republican party and the Democratic Party, each front runner has their own unique set of views that needs to be looked at independently. Below I’ve listed the views of the four front runners on some issues that will impact the majority of Americans.

Donald John Trump

Business man and real estate developer, Donald Trump is the current leader of the 2016 election. The platform for Trump’s campaign is creating jobs, fixing the economy, and “making America great again.” Trump opposes ObamaCare but is in favor of universal health care. He also is against Common Core, illegal immigration and the war in Iraq. He believes in lenient gun laws and creating better versions of Medicare, Medicate, and Social Security that will benefit all Americans.

Trump is also for traditional marriage and has recently switched from pro choice to the more Republican accepted view of pro life. Trump has promised he will be “the best jobs president America has ever had” and he hopes to build a wall between America and China to stop illegal immigration. For more of Trumps views, including his often questioned stance on foreign policy check out this site.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

Just behind Trump in the polls, Clinton is the Democratic front runner who many agree will receive the Democratic nomination next year. Clinton has a long list of previous jobs that speak to her experience, including working alongside current president Barrack Obama as Secretary of State. Even though she is often criticized for her constantly changing views, Clinton speaks passionately about her goals to establish a strong middle class.

Secretary Clinton is in favor of raising the minimum wage and raising taxes for the wealthy (which she defines as people making more than $250,000 a year). She is an advocate for same sex marriage and supporting the LGBTQIA community as well as lessening discrimination for women, African Americans, Mexicans, and all minority groups. Clinton is in favor of immigration, ObamaCare, and providing assistance to those who are mentally ill or have addictions. The main platform of Clinton’s campaign is the idea that it takes a village to raise a child. Clinton appeals strongly to many high school and college students because she often tries to give them a voice through such stances as raising the minimum wage and making college affordable for all Americans. For more information on Hillary Clinton’s views visit this site.

Bernie Sanders

Running against Clinton for the Democratic nomination is democratic socialist Bernie Sanders. Mr. Sanders has a strong track record including marching with Dr. King and advocating for the LGBTQIA community. Sanders, the current governor of Vermont, is passionate about stopping the growth of big corporations and redistributing America’s wealth to form a more economically equal country.

Thousands of young Americans have begun to support Bernie Sanders because he is also in favor of making college free and raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour, which is normally referred to as “a living wage.” Sanders is also in favor of ObamaCare, protecting the environment, ending all forms of discrimination, and strengthening middle and low class families. To find out more information about Bernie Sanders click here.

Ben Carson

Brain surgeon by day and Republican candidate by night, Ben Carson has seen a huge jump in polls since the GOP debate on August sixth. Carson first made a name for himself as a brain surgeon who successfully separated twins who were conjoined at the head who both survived the surgery, but now he is taking on a completely different challenge. With little knowledge previous knowledge of politics and foreign policy, Carson has managed to win over many republicans with his ability to learn foreign policy in a short period of time.

Carson is pro life, against gay marriage because he believes it is a choice to be gay, as well as against common core. He believes strongly in getting rid of ObamaCare and would like to put restrictions on police in order to assure equal protection under the law. Carson is often criticized for his lack of experience in the government, but his beliefs are lining up with the American public according to the latest polls. For more information on Ben Carson visit this website.

Even though this may feel like an overwhelming amount of information, this is just the beginning. With over twenty candidates in the race, it seems like it will be impossible to narrow this race down to two people by early next year. Since I know many of you will be voting in the next election, here are some helpful websites to check out so you can stay informed and help change the future of America. After all, it is our turn to run the show.

For day to day updates on the election click here.

For the most recent poll reports check out either this site or this one.

To watch the GOP use this link

To watch announcement speeches click here 

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