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High school. These two words have a significant impact on how we mature as individuals. Whether we like it or not, students often go through many “firsts” that consist of an array of different experiences. In many cases we find ourselves going with the flow, trying to find that perfect wave to ride on till the end of high school. Sadly, it isn’t as easy as it sounds or seems to be. From picking the right friend group to establishing yourself in school organizations, high school can be rough.

If you think hard and long about the concept of high school, it isn’t all about academics. Sure, parents are continuously ranting and raving about pursuing high grades, but let’s be real. Teenagers go through tons of emotions that don’t just include failing or passing a test. For many, high school is where boys and girls alike experience their very first relationship. Juggling friends, classes, and extracurriculars at the same time can be incredibly difficult. Lets dive right down into the pros and cons of having a significant other during this time in your life.

Why do we seek the companionship of another individual while in high school? The answer is simple. We like the idea of

constantly having someone there for you during times of stress as well as times of happiness. The feeling of being able to 24/7 rely on someone who will tend to your emotional needs is a pleasant feeling. Giselle Castillo, a freshman at the University of Texas at San Antonio confidently states that “having a significant other in high school can be both a blessing and a burden.  A blessing because it’s always nice to have someone to share things with.”

At the same time, sometimes this companionship while in high school could be generally detrimental to yourself as you grow as an individual. Not only can it affect your personal grades, but also your mental well being. Castillo continues in saying that “high school is a time to experiment, try new things, make new friends, and just laugh and have fun.  It’s not the best time to be responsible for someone else’s happiness as well.  These years should be all about you! There is plenty of time after for the latter.”

The choice is ultimately yours. You have the power to put yourself out there and find that person you’ve been looking for. You have the power to pursue the things and people you want. Just always remember there are certain responsibilities in having a significant other while in high school. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself because in the end, your number one job is to be the best and perfect student you can be to your teachers. Education always comes first.

Some of these responsibilities includes setting some time aside for yourself, your significant other, and for education. How exactly does one do this? Simple. Know your goals and set timelines that follow through with them. You have to be assertive in knowing your emotional and physical limits. Having a relationship isn’t going to be sporadically life changing (unless of course you literally find “the one.”) Time management is key in handling everything. In the end, its important to find yourself and focus on school. The choice is yours.

Castillo finishes her thoughts on having a significant other in that ”now looking back, I realize that high school is an exciting time because you’re old enough to make some decisions on your on (and drive on your own), but still young enough to be living with your parents and therefore not making huge decisions.” Enjoy life and be care free! Sometimes the responsibilities of having a significant other can be overwhelming and totally not needed in our busy lives as aspiring physicians, businessmen, politicians, teachers, etc. State your goals, reach new heights, and don’t let anything get in the way of that.

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