This week in The Stack, we follow news about everything from sports wins to referendums. Check it out:

The Yale Daily News just announced that the Yale Hockey Team will be heading to the final ECAC round against the winner of the Quinnipiac-St. Cloud State game.

In Pomona College‘s The Student Life, the 5C divestment campaign stated that they will work with the Associated Students of Pomona (ASPC) to have a referendum on divestment. #aboutthatecofriend

The Daily at Case Western Reserve University just released that they have awarded $1.9 million for psoriasis research. You go Case Western, you go.

The Daily Gazette at Swarthmore College released the Greek Life referendum results to show that five of the six referendums failed to pass to abolish Greek Life. Looks like the students read our article about the positive sides to Greek Life.

What have you heard around college news? Let us know in the comments below!

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