Happy ‘Murrrca Day, prospies! I hope your holiday was filled with laugher, cheer, and many sloppy renditions of our fine country’s National Anthem. Of course, college news never sleeps, so here we are once again:

Not so fast! College history professors remind people that there’s more to the 4th of July than beer, fireworks, and skimpy clothing with the US flag on it.

Which state is hoping to make its public universities tuition-free?

The ‘Surviving in Numbers’ movement takes sexual assault awareness to a whole new level.

Which city college is losing its accreditation?

USA TODAY College does you a favor by showing you five big scholarships to look at ASAP.

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Lily Herman is a junior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Besides bopping around on The Prospect, Lily is a columnist for USA TODAY College (read the Quad Report, yo); an editorial intern for The Daily Muse; a contributing editor for the campus blog Wesleying; a national contributing editor for Her Campus; and an editorial/marketing intern at HelloFlo. When she is not studying or awkwardly waving at people around campus, Lily enjoys eating Sour Patch Kids and re-watching the Friday Night Lights series finale (she's Team Saracen, by the way). Also (shameless plug alert), feel free to follow her on Twitter, or email her at lherman(at)theprospect(dot)net.

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