Attention all environmental justice activists! Today’s lineup will be addressing the divestment movement that is spreading across campuses. Basically, these college student activists and their environmental groups are pushing their college campuses to reevaluate and divest by selling off their college’s holdings in large fossil fuel companies. These efforts are combating climate change (just for the record, that’s actually happening guys) and general pollution. Here are a couple articles reflecting a different movements occurring at colleges across the country:

This Week In College Divestment News:

This December front page article about the college divestment movement across campuses highlights several colleges and their student groups leading the movement.

Swarthmore College‘s Mountain Justice (MJ) group on campus held a conference, Power Up! Divest Fossil Fuels, on campus last weekend which had over 170 students from 77 schools attend.

After Harvard University attempted to pass a referendum to divest from fossil fuels, the students rethink on how to combat pollution and climate change.

Unity College provides an analysis of how divestment will affect their budget as well as their board of trustee’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Pomona College recently hosted a debate for whether or not the Claremont Colleges should divest from fossil fuels.

Sterling College pledged to divest from fossil fuels, leading the way for other colleges and universities to do the same.


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