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If I remember my high school years properly, tests are coming. There are standardized tests by the state,  juniors with the SAT, and everyone has the eventual upcoming finals. Oh, yes. Ideally, we would all be studying our little hearts away, but spring break is near, and then there’s that desperate desire to just coast the waves all the way to summer. Alas, that is not the case. So here are some articles from the far corners of the internet to help you figure out how to stay focused long enough to prepare for that test and then start anew on the next. We can do this.

1. Hey, nobody can study if their environments aren’t ideal, right? No way. You know how sometimes in the long afternoon after lunch, your teacher would flick the lights low and the windows open half-shade and there would be a nice cast over the room? Work came easier, right? Well, scientists may be with you on that, as the Atlantic reports.

2. If you’re doing a lot of that studying and working on a computer, watch out for irritability from those eyes. Here are some tips on how to help prevent distracting eye strain.

3. I don’t want to lead you down the wrong path, and into the world of procrastination, but if your room isn’t you know, you, how are you going to find yourself in the picture of productive studying? I remember there were many a time when I found myself unable to focus until my desk was just right. Eventually, my room came to be my place as I plastered the walls with decor, and you know what? It helped. Check out how these girls identify with their spaces (sorry guys) and maybe get some ideas of what needs changing!

4. Yes, taking care of your body is important. There’s a bit of a desire to run our bodies down and while you may have heard about the potential of stress addiction from our Time buddies recently (and everywhere else), the alarm bells were ringing back in 1983 as NY Times has shown me. Interestingly enough, the perspective on stress addiction back in the day was slightly favorable. What? I couldn’t tell you.

5. NPR tells us the issue with stress is real though. So when you’re looking at your schedule for next year (or in the upcoming months) try to remember what’s most important and stay balanced so you can survive those tests!

6. Sleep. Sleep is extremely important. That’s the end of it, or should be, but don’t take my word for it.

7. Undoubtedly, internet resistance is probably the hardest thing to master of all. You can keep yourself healthy, and make sure your environment is right, but what happens when everything else is perfect? No no, that internet calls to you and then all those hours are lost to you. But here. The internet can be helpful.

8. The Muse provides some of my favorite helpful tips (more organizing – yay!) on how to get yourself on track with time. Seriously, that calendar tip. Along with this is the great thought on productivity.

9. Another favorite would be this great animation by ASAPScience on procrastination. Albert Einstein meanwhile knows what’s up on learning anything.

10. In general, tests are a part of our life. Are they really helpful?

11. And if you’ve got to write a paper and you’ve noticed you’re a procrastinator on that (but love writing)…there may be a reason.

12. And remember, summer is here soon enough and spring break even sooner – so don’t let the stress get you down and don’t push yourself too hard!

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