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It’s almost spring: roses are blooming, rain is falling, the new semester is starting, and you’re…cleaning? Wait, what? Although there are some who claim otherwise, there’s a saying that organized people are more successful people. If you’re one of those students who always lose class work handouts or forget which folder has last night’s Spanish assignment hidden, this just might be the thing for you. Have no shame–I’m not one to judge. Believe me when I say I’ve been there and done that, stuffing miscellaneous sheets of paper into my bag without a second thought and either losing it or having it crumpled/ripped when I pull it out again from the murky depths of whatever’s lurking in my book bag.

Being disorganized can cause you to be irritated and frustrated because all the energy you’re putting into trying to find things can instead be used to do work, study for an exam, or just straight up relax. With spring coming right around the corner (except maybe for you folks in the Northwest–I’m looking at you Massachusetts), you’re going to need to kick start your cleaning process as soon as possible. So grab your back pack and piles of work because it’s time we get organized!

Clean It Up

Okay, if you’re like me and your bag is completely littered with God knows what, it’s time to take out everything. Yes, I mean everything. Empty the bag and bring the trash can with you, throw away anything you don’t need for school. Separate sheets into separate piles where you’ll place them in the proper folders. You’ll feel better when you’re done with it and a lot more ready for school. You’ve probably stuffed things into your notebook too, so take a chance to clear it out. Don’t be afraid to grab something out of your bag now, you’re in the clear.

Needs Some Color
Color organization can make the process of spring cleaning a bit more bearable. Have a different color for each school subject, and then pick a matching folder and notebook. Color coding can help you keep track of even subject and make organization a little less bland.

What’s Your ‘To Do List’?

This doesn’t just apply for school work. Making lists help you continue being productive. You’ll also be less likely to forget to do something if it’s written down and tight in front of you as a reminder. Color coding is an optional addition to this. You can also learn to prioritize responsibilities by placing numbers or letters next to each task. For example, if your math homework is due the next day while your English assignment is due next Friday you can place a (#1) or (a) next to ‘math homework’ and maybe a (#2) or (b) next to ‘English assignment’ so you know which has to be done first. It’s a simple system that can help you keep from straying onto other less urgent matters.

Plan It Out

Similar to your to do list, a planner will help you schedule things in a different way. It goes into specific dates and times for when tasks should be done or accomplished. So, between 2-2:45PM you work on your social studies essay while taking a short break until 3, before taking 3-4:30PM to do another assignment or chore. Also, if you have extracurricular activities along with school work and chores feel free to add those in.

Taking a Break

In between all the organizing, its not going to happen all in the span of a single day. Taking a break between all the work will help to refocus your mind. Don’t you find your mind wondering after half an hour into a lecture? Letting yourself do fun things or take snack breaks can be beneficial to your mind and the task at hand.

With these tips and tricks, get yourself organized and ready for Spring. For more information, check out two very cool articles about how to organize and how to find lost things in the midst of your chaotic room.

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