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Whether you’re going to be taking the SAT for the first time or just trying to improve your score, SAT prep can help. Some students invest hundreds of dollars into buying programs, tutoring, and classes that will help them prepare for the exam. However, there are tons of free online resources available to students who can’t or won’t spend money on SAT preparation. These websites include the following:

1. College Board

Besides being the company that produces that actual SAT itself, College Board has a bunch of other student advantages on its website. In the SAT section, there is a section devoted to practice tests and questions that may be similar to those seen on the actual test. These are critical resources, because they are worded similarly and the practice tests are timed at the same intervals as the real test. All three subjects (reading, math, and writing) are available to practice, with descriptions of the material you are being tested on.

2. INeedAPencil

On I Need A Pencil, students have access to six SAT “Flexbooks.” Each of these booklets feature four chapters. The first is devoted to math concepts including algebra and geometry. The second is reading questions that test vocabulary and comprehension. The third is writing questions that test grammar and sentences structure, and the fourth is answer key to check yourself.

3. ProProfs

Proprofs offers practice exams, flashcards, study guides, and links to any material that will help students who are SAT-bound. Their study guides are interactive and timed, giving them a more serious, test like feel. The website also features a variety of videos and lessons that students can watch about the SAT that teach them the basics of each core subject.

4. Testive

On Testive, you can make a profile, create a study schedule (that even sends text messages to your phone reminding you to study), and import your test scores to keep track of how you do. The website has practice tests in the three core areas, and gives students the option to take a full-out long version or a “rapid test” for those in a hurry, that covers only key concepts. Each practice test is timed and will tell you if you are taking them in accordance to the real SAT’s time constraints.

5. Number2

Number 2 provides students with personal tutoring that determines your skill level and make recommendations on what to study. For every incorrect answer on a practice test, the site provides a thorough explanation of why the answer was incorrect and why the right answer is true. The site also features a vocab builder and questions or words of the day. On Number 2, you even have the option of working with a coach or teacher to provide you support and encouragement while guiding you on your SAT prep journey.

At your leisure, visit each of these websites to get a feel for which might suit you best. Create an account, explore around a bit, and take a look at what each site has to offer. Remember, you don’t have to put yourself through hours of extensive SAT preparation all at once to succeed at the SAT. Setting aside time a few times a week, for a few weeks leading up to the test will be your key to success. Remember:

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