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The SAT can be an expensive test. Usually when you think of SAT prep, pricey tutors and prep classes come to mind, never mind what you actually have to pay for the test. But these methods aren’t just monetarily expensive. When one signs up for a class or tutoring, one has to think of the time commitment as well. As a busy high school student, you probably don’t want to squeeze one more meeting or class into your already packed schedule.  

Luckily it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always individual study, but you have to be careful. The new SAT format means that after March 2016, your current test prep book may be obsolete. Sure, you could go to your local bookstore and plop $20 down for the newest book, but wouldn’t you rather save your money?

That’s where Khan Academy comes in. The non-profit is famous for offering help in subjects like literature, math, and science, but it can also help you prep for standardized tests like the SAT.

Not only can you practice for the current SAT exam with this website, but you can also practice for the new one. With videos, quizzes, and articles, the site offers a variety of free resources for all types of learners.

Khan Academy is an official partner with College Board, which means that the website has access to one current official test and four of the new official tests. Even if you don’t use Khan Academy for anything else, it’s invaluable to have four free official SAT tests at your fingertips. Test prep books rarely have official College Board tests (except, of course, for the official College Board SAT Prep book.) These unofficial tests may be harder or easier than the actual SAT, which might lower or artificially boost your confidence respectively. Using official College Board written tests means that your practice score will be more precise.

Also, Khan Academy can be fully personalized. You can connect your College Board account with your Khan Academy account and work on your personal strengths and weaknesses. Even if you haven’t yet taken the SAT, Khan Academy will work from your PSAT scores. Of course, linking your accounts is fully optional, but your experience won’t be as personalized without it.

Four official tests, comprehensive articles and videos, and personalization, all for free? Sign me up! Even if you’re using other test prep resources, Khan Academy can be a useful supplement for what you’ve already learning. If you plan on using Khan Academy as your main test prep resource, make sure you supplement it with other materials, like other free test prep websites or practice books.

Remember that no matter how you choose to prepare, when test day comes, you’ll be ready.

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