Many of you are preparing to leave for college, and I’m sure you’re experiencing a full spectrum of emotions. My little brother and cousin are in the pre-departure stage as well, but packing has been somewhat of a challenge. So they asked me for some advice on what they would really need.

I reflected on my own experiences, and have asked other current college students things they wished they had that would make life a little easier. Several websites have “College Survival Kits”, but in all honesty, they’re kind of dumb. Especially the symbolic ones. For example:  Survival Kit includes a rubber band, reminding the student that you have to be flexible in all situations. Oh please.  And let’s not forget the survival kits with painfully obvious items. It’s like: “Of course I would need a shower caddy. I like to be fresh and clean.” So frustrating…

We at The Prospect think “Survival Kits” should be held at a higher standard. This will be the realest of the real college survival kit that is jam-packed with items you might never think of. It will be the most useful thing you read today, so pin it, Facebook it, tweet it, bookmark it, WHATEVER YOU SO DESIRE. Just make sure you keep it readily available to reference. Freshmen year is hard enough as it is, but this little conglomerate of items will give you a few less things to worry about.

Power Strips: Easily hook up (no, not like hook up like my last article) all of your electronic devices with ease. Most dorm rooms come with one or two wall sockets, and you have to split that with roommates. Power strips make everything run smoothly.

Command Hooks: These things claim to be residue free, but be warned, sometimes they can peel the paint off the walls (A personal experience and nightmare). However, these nifty hooks are about as temporary as it gets, and they can be pretty handy.

Personal Speakers: Imagine this, cute boy/girl comes over and you order pizza and watch a movie on your laptop, but the sound quality is terrible. Personal speakers save the day! From watching your favorite film, or jamming out to some Jay-Z, speakers will greatly enhance your collegiate audio experience.

Ping Pong Balls: Just in case…

Shot Glass: Refer to previous item. Drinking is fun, but be responsible. Keep track of how much you drink with this highly advanced measuring device. If you can’t count, then you’re done.

Journal: SO. IMPORTANT. I cannot even begin to explain how vital a journal is. You’re going through a HUGE change, and it’s nice to let it all out on paper. Use to vent, doodle, jot down quick notes for your Zombie novel, etc. I journaled my freshman year and it’s nice to have a tangible item that displays all the challenges, adventures, and lessons learned.

Sewing Kit: Hey, the Freshman 15 is REAL. And you’re probably going to have a few jeans rip, but nothing a little needle and thread can’t fix.

Gas-Ex (or any other kind of tummy medicine): Cafeteria food can be VILE. And it can do awful things to your stomach. Say you’re about to head out for a fun night with your friends when suddenly, your digestive system just declared war on your body. Fret not tater tot (can I trademark that phrase?), with a little bit of medicine, you’ll be good to go.

Hot Pot (electric tea kettle)Make ramen noodles, tea, coffee, etc. all in the convenience of your own room! Most dorms do not allow open-heat surface appliances (coffee makers, panini presses, etc.), but a hot pot cheats the system and allows you to enjoy the delicacy of cup o noodles without having to walk to the community kitchen.

Tide To-Go Pen: When I say this is a life-saver, I really mean it. A quick fix when you spill your coffee  on your shirt right as you’re leaving for class. It’ll take too much effort to pick out a new outfit, and you don’t want to look like a slob, so Tide To-Go that baby up and BAM. You’re looking fresh in that Intro to Lit class.

Have anything to add to our Survival Kit? Feel free to comment below!

As much as I ragged on other websites, here are a few options that actually have some wicked awesome survival kits. Just in case you’re too lazy to actually go out and buy these items individually. Bam. Just made your life even easier.

Dormify: Ultimate Dorm Survival Kit

Dorm Co: College Survival Kit

Hip Kits: Freshmen Survival Kit

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