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For some of us, we grew up believing that the day we graduate high school and start to prepare for college, we’ll also be preparing to leave our homes for good. However, sometimes that dream can be hard to achieve when reality sets in. Going to college out of state is massively more expensive than in state schools are. Yes, I’m sure there’s also some in state schools that might at least put four or five hours of distance between yourself and your hometown. As great as this possibility sounds, sometimes even that is out of the question considering how expensive college is in general.

For me, it just made sense to attend a college that was in my own backyard. As desperately as I wanted to get away, housing and meal plans add another $5,000 to the already expensive tuition. Wracking up a few small scholarships helped ease a little bit of the tuition but if I were to attend a school far from home, my only option would be loans.

Despite whatever the circumstance may be, there’s a reason why you have to live at home or at least go to school close to home. Here is a guide to help you, especially when the fact of living in your hometown begins to drive you crazy.

1. Make the best of the situation!

Still make the most of your close to home college by getting involved in clubs and organizations on campus. This will keep you busy and away from your parents. Don’t get me wrong, parents can be great, but we expect college to be the time to finally get a break from the constant nagging. Anyway, as long as you involve yourself in your classes and also manage to socialize, you’re certainly making the best of what you can.

2. Don’t get a bad attitude.

Being totally grim and cynical just because you didn’t go away for college is a bad viewpoint. There are some good sides to staying near mom and dad, so don’t become discouraged. It will send a bad vibe to those who are around you. Staying positive just makes every situation so much better and easier to face in general.

3. Get a job!

Getting a part time job is also another good use of your free time. It will also create even more distance between you and your parents. You will also learn a lot about responsibility and how to interact with people. It’s also a great way to earn some extra money, which every college student always needs more of!

4. Don’t be afraid of still dreaming.

I think it’s important to still have dreams. You don’t have to stay at the school if you don’t want to or think it’s in your best interest to go elsewhere. Keep checking out how much it would cost to attend your dream school. The second step is to research how much financial aid you can receive. Also note that you can receive a lot of money if you have a good enough GPA with the transfer scholarship. For me personally, it’s been this dreaming and also putting in the research that has helped me seek out my own options as I look to transfer to my own dream school.

5. Have fun and let loose

Having fun is also important to remember. So don’t be afraid to check out the frat parties and on campus parties that your school has to offer. If partying isn’t really your thing, make sure to look for fun in different forms. Start your own parties with your friends! My big advice is to just know when to work and when to play. There’s a time to let loose so don’t be afraid to do that when it’s most necessary.
Hopefully this guide to making the most of living at home versus going away to college gave you some insight. As someone who is attending college in her hometown due to being unable to afford going elsewhere, I know how difficult it can be. However, living near mom and dad does have it’s perks. You can get more home cooked meals than you would away from home, also they do your laundry for you (at least mine do) whenever you want them to. College is an experience and it’s one that you just have to make the most of regardless of the situation!

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