Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

Treat yourself: A phrase that you might be quite familiar with if you have ever watched the hit television comedy Parks and Rec. While at first glance this short motto might seem like an excuse to buy things that you know you can’t afford, or eat another cookie, it is actually a very important part of life. Learning how to take care of yourself should be your number one priority, however in today’s society that is often not the case. Practicing self-love often gets swept under the rug in favor of adding another extracurricular to our schedule or taking that fourth AP class.

Here are some great ways that you can practice self-care.

1. Buy yourself a nice outfit as a reward

Even if you don’t make much money, buying yourself something small like a scarf, hat, or even a pair of socks is a great way to treat yourself. After getting an A on a difficult exam, or maybe after reaching your goal grades at the end of a semester, use some of the money that you’ve saved to buy yourself something gorgeous. This will help you feel beautiful and confident.

2. Take time to relax

Relaxing is SO important to good overall health. A lot of students believe that the only way to get good grades is to constantly study, but this is not the case. Studies have shown that if students do not take a break while studying they are actually hindering their learning. Taking a short five minute break after thirty minutes of studying is recommended. This will allow your brain time to absorb the information and process it.

3. Go out to eat

Another great way to reward yourself after a good test grade is to treat yourself to some delicious food! While it is important to maintain a healthy diet, a muffin, brownie, or cupcake is an extremely delicious way to treat yourself.

4. Talk to friends

You’re friends are there for a reason. When you are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed they are going to be there for you. Just remember that they aren’t mind readers. If there is something wrong that you want to talk about, don’t sulk in silence. Tell them what is bothering you and vent away. Afterwards I guarantee you will feel much better.

It’s important to remember that self-love can be practiced in a lot of different ways, and you need to find what is best for you. Just remember that being good to yourself is more important than working yourself to the breaking point. You’re going to be living in your body for your whole life, so be kind to it!

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