Hey everyone! Before going dorm shopping, I combed through lists of what I should and shouldn’t take with me to college on the Internet. My university’s residential life page helped me, but after spending hours on Pinterest looking at all of the pretty dorm decorations I still don’t have the slightest clue as to how I’m going to manage fitting all of my practical dorm items and decorations in the same place.

I don’t want to bring things that I won’t use, but I also don’t want to forget any essentials. I figured that if I’m struggling with what to bring, then so are other people, which is why I decided to show you all what I have so far for my dorm room! I have yet to buy larger storage containers, but I still have a couple weeks left to go before I move in! I have yet to find out who my roommate is and where I’m staying, so shopping was a little bit difficult, but I figure that this is my room too and I should like what I’m living in. Enjoy!

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Sarah Wiszniak is a student at the University of Connecticut. She is a college writer and video blogger for The Prospect, a national video blogger for HerCampus.com, and has her own college admissions blog. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys pondering political theory, crafting, and taking meaningless Buzzfeed quizzes. Her favorite flowers are daisies and she plans on ruling Washington, D.C. one day.

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