Image from Quick Meme.

Image from Quick Meme.

Welp, it’s Common App Day, which, according to Lily, our co-founder, is basically Christmas for TP. No one will get you a gold-plated iPhone 6 (yup, those exist), but we do have some awesome “presents” for you, so stay tuned!

With the debut of #CommonAppDay2014, you may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or perhaps completely calm (can someone say denial?). Unless you’ve been preparing for college applications since your were in diapers, you’re probably at least a little apprehensive of this whole process, which will soon become a major part of your life and basically dictate your happiness for the next four or so years. But no pressure, of course. In celebration, and also in empathy–’cause we’ve totally been there–here’s a GIF piece to help relax your nerves. Or at least make you laugh. Laughter’s the best. Always. So enjoy.

Step 1: Summer’s only half-way over. Responsibilities, what? Laze around and binge-watch Netflix, ’cause you totally think you’ve got oodles of time.

Me, every day. Especially when the second season of OITNB came out.

Me, every day. Especially when the second season of OITNB came out.

Step 2: July 31 rolls around. You’re still watching Netflix. You didn’t even notice the time pass because you’ve been in your super comfy bed, cuddlin’ with your cat, and eating a jar of Nutella each week for a whole month. Common App what? What’s that? Meow?

Kitty's like "wtf is dis shiz?"

Kitty’s like “wtf is dis shiz?”

NOMNOMNOM Food > responsibility.

NOMNOMNOM Food > responsibility.

Step 3: August 1-2. You see the social media craze/hear all your friends talking about it. Or your mother asks “Did you do that Universal College Application thingamajig yet? Do you need my taxes or something?” and you snap out of your Netflix coma: “Oh, crap.” Your future is calling, dun dun dun.


TRUTH. Is Netflix rehab a thing?

Step 4:  Panic for two minutes straight. Log on and make your account. Maybe fill in your name and address. But eventually the panic subsides, you get bored and go on Facebook. Meh, it’s just like putting your name on essays: “Wow, I’ve done so much. I deserve a break. And ice cream.”

Only always.

Only always.

Step 5: Guilt, guilt, guilt. It’s already late November and you barely have your social security number on the app. Your college list is rough at best. Guilt and panic and AGHHH.

This is when you start praying.

This is when you start praying.

Step 6: That procrastination guilt finally turns into work! Spend a week straight crafting what you hope is your perfect college list along with the perfect answers to all of the short-answer supplement questions. “PleaselovemePleaseloveme.”


Don’t worry. J-Law feels you.

Step 7: Your major? Um…


It’s okay, no one does.

Step 8: “WHYYYYY?” you yell out your window, because the Activities section is so short and confusing and intimidating and you can’t quite remember your freshman year extracurriculars and “Wait, do I have enough leadership activities to convince Harvard to love me 5evr?”


It’s like a bad relationship. Except you’re dating a college.

Step 9: Essays. Omg. Omgomgomg. How do people do this? What even is “introspection?” Like, can I just put a telescope in my mouth? That’d be so much easier than trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do with my life.


“My name is Jasmine, and I like dogs. That’s basically all you need to know. Please accept me. Please? HARVARD ILY DON’T YOU WANT ME BBY?”

Step 10: “MY TEACHER RECS ARE LATE MY TEACHER RECS ARE LATE. AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE THE RESPONSIBLE ADULTS?!?!?!” Frantically email your recommenders and try to get last-minute replacements. Oh lawdy.


“Are you… *deep breath*…

i can't even

…kidding me right now?”

Step 11: It’s late December. Deadlines are approaching. Have everyone and their mother take a look at your essays and app. Cry in the middle of the school bathroom because it’s just too much pressure, and you’re so. done.


“This is so much BS. Can I just be done now?”

Step 12: Edit everything one last time (which lasts 4 meticulous, anxious hours). Cautiously submit your apps two seconds before the deadline. Cry some more, but then the wave of relief comes. Hope for the best.


I bet Kermit didn’t have to go to college, psh.

Step 13: Now the waiting commences…But besides the horrible anxiety of the post-CommonApp time period, guess what? Now you can resume binge-watching Netflix. Break out the Kleenex and the popcorn, ’cause you’re not moving for at least a week.

Request granted. I mean, c'mon, Neil Patrick Harris.

Request granted. I mean, c’mon, Neil Patrick Harris.


Just be sassy like Blaine. In the end, it’ll be okay. You do you, and it’ll all work out.

Good luck, peeps!

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