Airports, the preliminary passage way to airplanes, the home of disease and crying babies. Anybody who has ever been on a plane knows the fear of what the airport may hold. Long lines, random security checks, or even worse people walking e x t r e m e l y slowly while you are rushing to your terminal to catch your flight are some of the biggest problems you’ll encounter while traveling.

So here’s to the journey that is traveling and tips to aid in the process Do not worry for …


(*woman )

Pack early!

You don’t want to wake up the morning of like this:

mickey chaotic

random packing

It’s better to know what you want to pack for your trip in advance. Have a list of things you know you need to pack and throw in those every day essentials the morning of so you can still use them before you go. Don’t over-pack (unless you can’t help it) if you leave room you can always bring more stuff back with you from your trip.

Also when you’re packing make sure you use a sturdy suitcase and keep easily breakable stuff inside of plastic bags so no mishaps of nail polish every where on your clothes occur if something happens like this.

giphy (2)

Make sure to have a traveling outfit laid out before hand.

Don’t wear anything with lots of layers. Having to take off all your jackets and hoodies is very uncomfortable especially if underneath all you have is a t-shirt. Still we all know you’re channeling inner fashionista feelings like:

So wear something comfortable yet easy to maneuver in like sweat pants, yoga pants, jeans… etc. Planes can be cold and even if you are trying to attract someone I’m sure they’ll be understanding of your “airport attire.”
One of the most frightening parts of the process is making it through security. Random checks anyone?

ridiculous tsa

Even when you know you don’t have anything suspicious you’re always afraid something will happen. The whole time you go through the machine you’ll be wondering whether on the other side you’ll go straight through or end up like this:


Or worrying about the TSA laughing at your underwear like:


Or hoping that they can’t tell that you’re ticklish:

giphy (1)

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the hard part. Now if you arrived early enough (suggested time: two hours before flight takes off), you’ll have plenty of time to get food. If not you’re stuck like this:

clock ticknig

Hopefully you’re now celebrating and preparing to relax for the flight ahead.

I wish you safe travels and a lack of screaming babies and germs. Until next time.


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