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Image from Pexels.

Selecting a major is a critical decision in college life. It sets the agenda for future course selections as well as potential career options. Over dinner parties after first semester of university, the hot topic at dinner conversations is what is your major? It is understandable that students feel pressured to choose a particular field due to family pressures, and the prospective outcomes associated with going into a program.

The most important factors to keep in mind when choosing are major are the listed questions: what do I want to major in? What are my interests? Follow your heart 10 years from now do you want to follow your parents dream and become become a doctor, or pursue your own passion and become an anthropologist. If you ever feel lost in the decision-making process professors are always great sources.

Attend office hours discuss the topics of interest to you, as well as potential career choices. Clubs are also a great way to expand your horizon and learn more about what you can major in.
If I could give my younger self any advice, I would say keep an open mind try to take diverse courses. Diversity in your courses is of utmost importance. I was set on majoring in psychology and after taking a political science course, my fate changed. I decided to major in political science and found a subject that truly felt passionate about. Keep in mind, if there are fields that you are considering majoring in check out the perquisite courses that freshman students need to take. You are not alone in making this choice.

After you have decided on which courses to take. I would highly recommend getting courses approved by an advisor. Advisors are a great resource when it comes to tailoring your schedule due to their knowledge about different courses and student reviews. If you have any questions, or feel lost, you can also always contact the student association for your major. Faculty events are great way to familiarize yourself with a program.

Many people feel that if they chose a major this they need to stick to it for the rest of college. Everyone goes on there own path and if necessary you can always change your major. Life does not follow a linear path it gives room for change. Don’t feel constrained enjoy your college experience. Most importantly than all college is about growing up taking the first steps into becoming an adult and discovering your scholastic interests. Keep an open mind when you are on the path to making the decision as to what to study, and potential decisions to make. You are not alone. Freshman students generally feel overwhelmed about selecting their major. This also offers room for bonding with people in your entering class, step out of your comfort zone talk to others. The world is your oyster.

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