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If you’ve ever had a class where the teacher crushes all hopes of you sitting by your friends by implementing the dreaded seating chart, you’ve probably had to deal with sitting by people you otherwise wouldn’t talk to much. While in some classes you may get away with keeping to yourself, in others you may end up having to do projects with them and other class assignments, so for the sake of both of you as well as your grades, it is usually beneficial to learn how to cooperate. Besides within the school setting, the ability to cooperate with people is a critical life skill that you’ll need regardless of where you go. This is why it’s best that you start working on it now. You don’t have to become best friends with the person sitting next to you; all you need to do is keep the atmosphere as light and tense-free as possible. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Pick Your Battles

When you’re around someone for awhile, arguments are bound to happen especially in the school setting. Whether it’s who has the correct answer to the assignment or who does what in a project, the varying opinions in a classroom tend to clash rather frequently. In cases like this, it’s best to choose which fights are worth fighting. Use your judgment to decide whether engaging in the disagreement will have more pros than cons. When it comes to matters that include sticking up for yourself or something that could become a problem later on if not dealt with immediately, then definitely take it on. However, if it’s something that’s pretty insignificant try letting it go for your own sake.

Use Your Earphones as a Buffer

These days it’s extremely common for students to bring earphones with them to school, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary if you use them during a quiet work time. If one of you is in a bad mood or just wants to keep to themselves for the day, put in your earphones to avoid any argument that may stem from a bad day. This brings a quietness that’s probably needed without anyone’s feelings getting hurt.

Learn their Quirks

One of the best ways to learn how to work with someone is to get to know details about them that greatly contribute to who they are. By learning their quirks, likes, dislikes, and general personality traits, you’ll know how to deal with various situations involving the in ways that will actually get through to them rather than anger them. It also helps by helping you find ways in which you both complement each other in order to work together a efficiently as possible.

While all these tips may be useful, my number one advice would be to first and fore mostly try to become friends with your seatmate. It would make the year much more enjoyable and you’d always have at least one person in the class that you are comfortable around. Plus. it’s always nice to have someone to study with or get the homework from on days when you’re absent. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out for one reason or another and if it doesn’t remember there’s no need to force it. As long as you try your best and remain cordial, your only worries will remain strictly academic rather than the added pressure of social.

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