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Photo by Pexels.

Being in college, I’ve met people of all different types of backgrounds, with different food, languages, experiences, and financial standings. Unfortunately, the financial aspect is what often holds many students back from being able to get an education. I’ve known many people who have had to transfer because they simply couldn’t afford it, me almost being in that exact same situation. But there are some ways to go through the process.

If you know going into the beginning of the semester or quarter that you may be transferring, exhaust all of your financial options. Go to your financial office and ask if there’s anything you can do. Look into private loans and see if any places could give you something to help. Go online and fill out applications for scholarships outside of your school. You may get lucky and find something that will help you out with the costs. Look into jobs that might help cover the costs, however be careful to balance school work and working a job. If none of those options work out, it may be time to look at other options.

If you’re on a college campus away from home, look into schools that may be closer to home that you could commute to. Housing and dining plans tends to add thousands of dollars on top of the tuition. If you could cut out those costs, then it might make things a little more affordable. Just makes sure, if you plan on transferring, make sure to look at the application due dates, as those may be sooner than you think.

If going to a four-year college is out of the question, try to go to community college. Community college is a great choice for people who want to get general credits out of the way at an affordable cost. See if you could sign up for some classes there for the next term. That way, you’re able to still get credits out of the way if you’re planning on going back to a 4 year college. Just make sure to check in with both the community college as well as your current school to make sure the credits transfer.

Another option is to take the next term off and work full time. If you’re a person who can take time off from school and be able to jump right back into it when you have the chance, working is a good option. Even though you may not be learning in a classroom environment, you’ll still be learning life skills. You’ll also have the chance to earn some money and you could potentially go back to your school. Just make sure to talk to your school and ask what take a leave from school involves. That way you’re able to keep them in the loop.

These are a few tips for dealing with leaving school because of money reasons. It’s hard, having to deal with that as you may love what school you’re attending right now. Unfortunately, it may not always be a choice to leave school. But one of the only things really keep in mind is be proactive. Prepare early, and have backup plans as needed. Remember that the friends you made you can continue to be friends with, it just may be from a distance. The campus and the program for your major may be great. But even if there could be the opportunity that you could go back to your current school in the future, you need to do what will be best for you and what will give you the easiest time. I can understand that it may be hard to leave, but it could potentially be for the better. Taking this step will be difficult and a change, but it could be a change for the better, as you may not have to stress out about money and school at the same time anymore. And that is an important step that you may need to take.

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