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Many high schoolers find that the moment they are out of school, laying around all day for weeks at a time is not as fun as it seems during the school year. Within two weeks many teenagers find themselves extremely bored without any thing scheduled for their day such as school or sports. While some families do go down for the beach for a few weeks even that can get boring. In order to avoid this the ever encroaching boredom a good plan is to try and find a summer program that you can participate in.

There are hundreds of summer programs for high schoolers in a variety of fields including engineering, business, the culinary arts, the fine arts (music, painting, dance) and much more. By finding a program that you know you’re interested in based on prior hobbies or even selecting a program in a field you haven’t been exposed to but you’re curious about you’ll be able to know whether or not it is something worth pursuing in the future.

While some summer programs are costly (if they are usually they have financial aid) there are some that are completely free of charge save any spending money you may get. While they are available the first thing you need to do is apply AND be accepted and in order to do this you must truthfully fluff your application so that you stand out. (A/N: It is recommended that you apply to more than one summer program so that if you’re rejected you still have a chance to go to another).

1. Find summer programs.

In all actuality this is something that you should begin to research during the summer time. Some applications for summer programs end as early as August though many open in October and close in December. So instead of stressing over researching programs you can already be a step ahead with a list of programs you are interested in applying for. They can be found by using search engines such as google or by going on your favorite college’s websites because many of them offer programs for youth to apply to themselves. Some helpful starting points are searching for programs for rising *insert grade here* in your local area to prevent having to pay for fight fees or if you want to go far just replace local with a state you’ve always wanted to visit.

2. Fluff your application.

This step can be started as early as your freshman year of high school. Begin compiling a list of all the activities that you do, and the dates you do them on and include a brief summary of what it was so if you ever need to refer back to it, it’s more than just a name. By compiling the list early you’ll be ready to list all of your activities that you do consistently and if you need to write an essay on community service you’ll have a basis for what you can write about rather than trying to vaguely remember that one time you picked trash up on the side of the road.

3. Make your application stand out.

Start your essay off with a hook or when you’re describing yourself throw a joke in or something different that the administrators haven’t been seeing all day. If all the applications say: “Smart, funny, community service oriented, friendly…” they will be looking for you to talk about something that makes you stand out. Refer to an uncommon hobby or something not mentioned often like collecting bottle caps or composing your own music. By showing what makes you different it makes the administrators stay longer on your application and who knows maybe they will collect bottle caps too (and though they’re not technically allowed personal bias they’ll probably favor you a little more).

All in all be sure to start searching for potential programs early. The earlier you start the less lazy you will be in the fall when it comes time to apply, because if you’ve already done half the work you might as well finish.

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