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‘Tis the season to be worried about college applications. After all, these applications might as well be the determining factor for your future. (No pressure.) August 1st came around already, and since you are an overachiever and want to start your application before your senior year work load hits, you decide to start your Common App. You make your account and enter in all your personal information, your extracurriculars, work, volunteer experience, and class grades. Then you come to the most dreaded section of all — the personal statement.

This is the section where people have the most trouble. The thing that runs in their minds most is, “What should I write about? I haven’t done anything interesting! I’m not even that interesting!” With this thought in mind, how do they even write their personal statement? Good thing for you high school seniors, I have a few creative ideas so that you can write the most amazing personal statement ever!

1. Think about what you love about yourself.

People do not have much confidence today because media and society are so critical of everything. Oh, you don’t have a thigh gap? Oh, you must be fat then. NO. Stop thinking about what other people say and just start loving yourself. Be comfortable just being yourself. Brainstorm and think about what you love most about yourself. What are you confident about? Are you confident of your vocal range and your singing voice? Perhaps you can write about how singing changed your life and how everyone knows you love to sing. Perhaps you have been in a musical before and being in that show made you have an adrenaline rush. Writing about what you are confident in and what you love will definitely show off your personality in your personal statement.

2. Ask your friends and family members about their opinions.

Your best friends and family members will probably be the best people to ask for advice. They are the people that probably know the most about you. It is like going to the mall with your best friends; if you try on something that you like, but they don’t think it works for you and your body type, then they will tell you, and you probably won’t buy it. They will most likely be the ones that will tell you the truth about what’s good to write and what’s not–plus, you will probably listen to them.

3. People tend to ask others to describe them in one word. Just expand on it.

My university has this school-wide project called One Word, where you are asked “What if someone said that you had to trade in your name for a word that best describes you as your ideal self? What word would you choose and why?” You will also get your picture taken while you try to depict your word. I actually have not done this specific project yet, for I have not yet found the perfect word. However, most of my friends have done it, and most of them have picked their word through the suggestions of close friends. For your personal statement, just ask your friends to describe you in several words when you are in a group. The more the words coincide, the better. Afterwards, expand on those words and see what you can write about yourself.

4. Think about all the activities you have done.

When we do certain activities, it is either because we want the experience, or we are really passionate about the subject. Either way, those activities can be very common, which means you may feel like writing about them won’t be that special. However, every person’s experience is different, even if they’re each doing the same activity. Something different may happen, or maybe the viewpoint they have on that certain activity is different. One person may write about how she started to volunteer at a hospital because she wanted to become a doctor, but maybe after meeting a patient with leukemia, she decided to create a club and foundation for leukemia awareness. Another student may talk about how he just volunteered at a hospital because he thought that it would be easy to get community service hours, but he had a change of heart and actually decided to become a doctor. Every person is different, which makes every activity and occurrence special–including yours.

In conclusion, no matter what you write about, try to make your audience what to know more about you. And never lie!

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