Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

You can play with the limits of technology and graphics. You can open up a huge cyber realm to new possibilities. You can be considered a god because you can destroy and create at the same time. Overall, computer programming can lead to the development of endless options as long as you have the interest to pursue it.

What is computer programming?

According to Wikipedia, “computer programming (often shortened to programming) is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable programs.” In other words, programming is creating and limiting a program through lines of code.

We have all heard how learning to program is important when it comes to seizing the future. If we consider the statistics, the tech industry is one of the most rapidly growing fields, and that growth will continue to develop in the next decades (unless global warming interferes with our plans, but let’s not get into semantics).

The future, indeed, seems to be digitized; however, not everyone has the necessary resources that can trigger a lifelong passion. Some people are geographically and economically disadvantaged, meaning that they cannot always afford a person who might teach them how to code, or the books that teach it. Thankfully, those books that might not be available in a third world country’s library are now available through websites like Amazon, eBay, and even have online copies dispersed through the internet. A person can learn a computer programming language for free! And this is something that the years have brought to us.

But if a person doesn’t feel comfortable enough with the guidance of a book, that is not the end of the journey of trials. Online learning platforms such as TeamTreeHouse and Codeacademy can be very helpful at the moment of deciding to step inside this field. Both TeamTreeHouse and Codeacademy offer tutorials in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Ruby and more. They are perhaps some of the easiest and most approachable ways to learn how to code.

Through the guidance of video tutorials, quizzes and several forums discussing challenges that users might encounter during the lessons, a person can see advancements on their reasoning skills. Something new users have to acknowledge once they begin to write their first lines of codes is that computers cannot reason.

This might lead to the rule number one of computer programming (at least this is my number one rule): Do NOT assume that the computer will be able to understand what you want the program to do. Do not assume anything. If you adopt this mindset from the beginning and you are as specific and efficient as possible, you will avoid some error messages displayed by the computer screen. TeamTreeHouse and Codeacademy’s videos will be specific enough in occasions, but it comes to a moment where you have to employ the skills you learned after a session and complete some of the challenging exercises they assign; assuming that the computer is understanding whatever you are assigning the program to do is one of the biggest mistakes.

If after the guidance of books and platforms like TeamTreeHouse and Codeacademy, you still don’t feel a connection with what you’re doing, don’t feel pressured to continue if you don’t feel passionate about it. Even when everybody seems to be encouraging the development of this activity, remember that it’s okay to try and stop if you realize that it isn’t something you love.

If you decide to continue, remember freaking out is just a part of the process. Yes, the feeling of not being able to write a proper line of code is sometimes present at the moment of executing the program. You might forget to add an “ending” to the program, or even something silly like utilizing two different names to a variable that is supposed to mean the same in the context of the program. But that frustration tends to dissipate once the program runs smoothly without finding bugs.

Computer programming is a journey. It’s also something that is constantly evolving. In the future, new languages will emerge and the people who decide to dedicate their lives to it will be constantly developing their knowledge. Computer programming is fun, and the resources available nowadays make it even more accessible. Take a chance with it, and you might find a passion that you never would have other wise.

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