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Recently, I had the opportunity to take a free class on Skillshare, an online learning community for people interested in creativity, design and business. For the monthly cost of a Netflix subscription, Skillshare users can access thousands of video based classes taught by professionals.

After browsing the available classes for quite some time, I settled on an easy, yet useful class called “Get Stuff Done Like A Boss: Design Your Workflow and Increase Your Productivity in 21 Days.” After taking this class, which I really enjoyed, I am ready to continue using Skillshare to learn about all sorts of topics that interest me.

Skillshare videos

When browsing the classes, I found so many courses that would be interesting to take. They offer courses in design, photography, entrepreneurship, creativity, fashion, film, technology and a few other great categories.

The courses are set up in a video format, where each section is broken down into short video clips. This is great because if only have time to watch 10 minutes worth one day, you can save where you are at and pick up where you left off the next day. Or, if you have a few spare hours you can get through an entire class in one day.

Skillshare discussions

The classes offer multiple ways to interact with other students and the teacher. One being discussions. The discussion tab allows you to post any thoughts or questions you have about the class and share your opinion with others. The discussion boards for classes seem to be very interactive and allow you to take away the opinion and techniques of multiple people versus just the teacher.

Each class also has a project board. In this area of the course, you can share with others what you have created and accomplished in the course and give and receive constructive criticism. This area is also fun to browse through to see the creativity of other users on the site and get ideas and advice for yourself.

Overall, Skillshare is a fun and very interactive way to learn and improve skills for your area of interest and I highly suggest dropping the $9.95 a month to become a premium member right after you’ve finished binging on your favorite TV series.

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