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I know many people don’t want to go to college close to home and want to as far away as possible. I am attending a college that takes a little over an hour to get to from my home town. For me it has worked well being so close to my hometown and I have loved it. The college I’m at now is the best fit for me and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It took a while to learn that it was perfect, but it was the best decision for me. There have been a few cons to it, but every situation has them. It is a difficult decision to pick colleges and any advice helps. These are my main pros and cons of attending college close to home to try to help anyone decide.

Financial costs

Going to college in-state was the best choice for me for financial reasons. Paying out of-state adds up and I couldn’t imagine paying for that on top of tuition. It also helped to chose somewhere close to home because of my scholarships from my high school and my college. I received financial help for tuition because I chose an in-state college. Financial costs are a major factor in deciding what college to attend. Many other people from my hometown chose a college close to home for the same reason.

Similar town

Most people want to go somewhere new and exciting but I liked going somewhere close that felt like home. I visited the city my college was in many times throughout my life so it was a familiar place. I grew up in such a small town that I knew I wouldn’t want to push myself to try to be in a new environment, especially one I didn’t feel comfortable in. This doesn’t work for everyone and some people do better far from home in a place that is new and different. I love being at college in a smaller town instead a large city. The campus buildings are all located close together and many of the students know each other. Even though the town is a little bigger it is still a small town with people that make it feel like home.

Short distance

It was difficult for me to leave my home town since I lived there my whole life and all of my family lived there. Knowing that I was a short trip away made me feel better and I even took the trip when I needed it. I had a difficult time trying to figure out my major and most of my friends were still at home. Being able to be around the people I loved easily made my first semester easier to get through. Over time I stopped going home as much and made new friends at my university so I had people here to be with. I don’t think that going home as much as I did that first semester is something everyone should do but it did help me get adjusted to college life and now I consider my college town my home.

Cons of living close to home

Since I went to college so close to my home town I stayed involved with people from my high school especially because many people attend the same college. Looking back at it now, I wish I would have become more invested in my life instead of pretending like I was still in high school. I’m not recommending to anyone to forget their past friends but meeting new people and doing different things is one of the best things you can do when starting college. Instead of becoming friends with new people at college, I would go home when I had free time to hang out with people. I regret this because it took me longer to make strong relationships that will last throughout the years. Once I pushed myself to stop going home as much I met the people I am still friends with today and are some of the most important people in my life. Going to a college farther away from home would have forced me to meet new people sooner and is something I think college freshmen need.

The best advice I can give is to choose a university you want to go to no matter the location. Living close to home and far away both have their advantages and disadvantages. Make the decision for you so you can love your college experience.

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