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Of the many chores I partake in weekly, I have always found cleaning my room to be the most difficult. I typically manage to convince myself that I need to set aside an entire day to clean my room, knowing that the odds of having a free day is very low, thankfully I manged to find vacuum cleaners with good reviews, having a vacuum makes everything easier. The end result is a disastrously cluttered room which in turn results in a cluttered mind. As someone who does her homework in her room, I find it very hard to concentrate when my room is messy and yet I still manage to stubbornly stick to my One Day cleaning rule. There’s also the added anxiety over my parents entering my room and lecturing me on its messy state which occurs multiple times a week and yet instead of cleaning my room, I just spread out the mess to create an illusion of cleanliness.

It doesn’t work.

Eventually I got tired of the clutter and my parents’ lectures and decided that I needed to come up with a system that worked best for me especially since school is back in session.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a secret formula to always maintaining a spotless room. My main issue was a lack of motivation because by the time I realized ow much my room needed a desperate cleaning, I’d have to muster up a huge amount of will to start working on the big mess I’d accumulated. Since starting the cleaning process was always the biggest issue rather than the actual cleaning, I learned that my best bet was a perpetual cleaning cycle.

Every day when I come home from school, I enter a goal-oriented mindset when it comes to my room. I become more in-tuned with every action I make and make it my goal each day to end the day with my room spotless. I make sure that I place my clothes in the correct area, I throw away my trash, and by paying attention to every action I discovered that my carelessness is what always gets the best of me. I usually put things wherever I can without even a second thought and fail to organize things in a way that will benefit myself in the future. My carelessness always resulted in my headache-inducing messy room (yes, it’s usually that bad) and it actually began to effect me in school as well.

I noticed that I began turning in assignments late because I’d leave them in a random corner of my room because I was too lazy to put it in my backpack. Yes, I was getting my work done but there was no point finding pride in that as long as I failed to be cautious enough to even bring in the proof of my labor.

However, as soon as I started my perpetual cleaning cycle, I became so much more focused on keeping my room clean that I in turn became the same way about my school work. I stopped forgetting my homework and even became more thorough in my work. Though I originally started cleaning my room to appease my parents, it turned out that I needed it to appease my frazzled mind as well.

You know what they say, “Tidy Room, Tidy Mind.”

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