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Image from Pexels

Everywhere you look, there’s love around you. Usually, when you first hear the word, you think of the typical romance, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, and cheesy chick flicks you pretend you secretly don’t watch. Either way, it’s obvious in our culture, romance has been…well…romanticized. So much so that the ideal of romance is often sold to you on every street corner.

Now there isn’t anything wrong with romance, love between partners is a beautiful thing. However, things like friendships which are just as important and valuable are just as important. It’s something that people are prone to forget. Friendship love is special in its own category. When comparing the amount of movies and time dedicated to romance and platonic love, there is a huge gap in numbers. People just love love, but there doesn’t seem to be as much for friendship’s side.

There are so many reasons to love your friendships. They should be just as valued as your relationships. There is a strong emotional connect and bond between friends that even some relationships can’t compare to.

Dressing to Impress

When you meet a new partner, you put on your best self, wear your best clothes, fix your hair, and put on our best smile. Not to say it’s not the real you, but rather it’s you at your best. You put more than enough effort into impressing this person in hopes of…love? Why do that when love is just around the corner? Your friends will laugh at your ketchup-stained shirts and share your love of comfy sweatpants. Not to say partners can’t enjoy the same, but when have you worn week old sweatshirts around a prospective crush?

Week Gone By? No Problem.

In a relationship you basically have to keep somewhat constant contact. It’s troubling if they don’t speak to you for a day or two with no word on how they’re doing. Relationships often fade out without it, but it’s different for friendships. You know your friends are busy with school, life, and extracurriculars. You can pick up right where you left off with ease.

Talk the Talk

For your friends, even after lost periods of time has past, what you say will be taken with interest and relevance. They’ll go to concerts with you. Let you vent your heart out when your new crush has a date to prom already or even be the one going to prom with you. It’s a type of relationship that supports and listens when it feels like no one else is there.

What’s for the Best

Sometimes they see more than you can. When you’re in a relationship, sometimes your partner makes choices in favor of themselves or the relationship but maybe its not the best for you. Your friends have nothing to win or lose when they advise you on life choices, which is why they may be the ones offering the soundest advice to you.

They’ll usually know you pretty well and can tell you what you’re probably already thinking.

When Things Go South

When things end, and everything crashes down, your friends will still be there for you after the end of a relationship. Can you say the same for an ex? Your friends stay with you through thick and thin of a romance. They’re usually the ones who comfort you the most and give you the push you need to move on.

Gotta Love ‘Em

Your best friends are truly one of a kind people. They’re not ‘required’ to be there for you or ‘obligated’ to love you even at your worst but they do. So show some love for your friends, they really do deserve it. They’re someone to share the rest of your life too, just in a different but still beautiful way.

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