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Let’s face it: we are all busy in some way or another. Whether your schedule consists of working, studying, volunteering, athletics, traveling, or internships (or all of the above), it’s safe to say that at one point or another, we have pushed aside certain responsibilities – or even our own passions – rather than making time to pursue them.

However, with one of the latest trends in digital news – daily email newsletters – there is simply no excuse for “not having time” to stay updated on current events. Many major news organizations have turned to the power of the email inbox to deliver news in a convenient, concise (and free) way.

Most email briefings are essentially condensed versions of the day’s cover stories. The newsletters typically include snippets of breaking news and other important life and culture updates (as well as links for additional information), allowing subscribers – whether they’re in their pajamas or on their morning commute – to read up on national and global affairs in just a few minutes. Plus, the majority of daily news emails can be enjoyed sans subscription fees, app downloads, or fancy usernames and passwords.

While there are a number of media companies that offer daily newsletters, here are a few that I have tried. Maybe you will find one that works for you!


This email subscription service was founded by two friends with a passion for news. They believed that while most people have an interest in being informed on current events, many people lack the interest or time. Thus, theSkimm, a daily newsletter that “skims” the news for the most important details and ideas, was born. I started reading theSkimm during my senior year of high school, and I love it because it makes otherwise dry news stories enjoyable with sassy sayings, puns, and quotes. Plus, even though the summaries are short, I still feel like I’m being informed. You can sign up for theSkimm here.

OZY – Presidential Daily Brief

I was introduced to OZY by my high school government teacher, who encouraged my class to subscribe to these daily emails to become global-minded citizens. I like that OZY’s Presidential Daily Brief is organized into three lists of content. The first section, “Important,” includes summaries of four major global news stories. The next section, “Briefly,” simply includes headlines of additional stories and links to the articles and websites. The final section, “Intriguing,” features summaries of five science, technology, or pop culture updates. You can sign up for the Presidential Daily Brief here. – “The Brief”

“The Brief,”’s daily email newsletter, is unique because it gives subscribers the option to have the stories read to them with a built-in audio player. This feature may come in handy if you are someone who uses earbuds on your walk to class, bus ride to school, or during your morning commute. “The Brief” features a list of major headlines with one or two sentence summaries and links to further reading. also offers email subscriptions to other specific sections, including “Breaking News,” “Politics,” “LIFE Photos,” and more. You can sign up for “The Brief” here.

USA Today – “The Short List”

So, you’re not a morning person? Have no fear; USA Today created an option to cater to those who prefer to catch up on the news at dusk rather than dawn. USA Today’s nightly email, “The Short List” sums up major news stories that happened during the day. The summaries link not only an article for more details, but also articles about past or related events, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of a news story if desired. I like that “The Short List” features photo galleries and video clips, which enhance the story summaries and make the overall experience more visually interesting. You can sign up for “The Short List” here.

Perhaps you’re a college student looking to ace your current event quizzes without having to pour over every breaking news article on the web. Maybe you’re a high school student who wants to be updated on news happening outside of your hometown. Even for lovers of long reads and detailed feature articles (like me), you may discover that daily news emails are not a replacement to lengthier stories, but rather a great way to refresh your knowledge on current events.

No matter your situation or schedule, with daily news briefings, you can get the facts and get back to doing what you love – no excuses necessary. What more could you ask for?


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