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Photo by Flickr.

For some people, working a minimum wage job isn’t the ideal way to make money. However, they may not have the resources to go on an internship and get experience. Freelancing is the perfect solution to make money and earn experience. Writing, coding and web design are just a few options you have when it comes to freelancing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider freelance work.

1. Remote work is an option.

If you do not have the option of driving or riding the bus to the job, then doing work from home will be convenient for you. You’re able to do work from anywhere, so if you’re in a coffee shop, on a beach, or in your house, being able to work wherever you need to is a positive, as you’re not restricted to an office all day.

2. You can work at any time during the day.

If you receive a project and the client has a deadline that’s three weeks away, that gives you time to work on it. However, you don’t have to work the typical 9-5 hours that someone in an office would work. Personally, I stay up pretty late, so I like to do work around midnight or one in the morning. Some people are morning people and like to do their work at seven or eight in the morning. Whatever schedule works for you, go for that schedule. You have the freedom to work when you feel you would be most productive.

3. Your schedule is your choice.

When you planned a vacation three months in advance, it can be pretty heartbreaking to know that your request to be off that whole week has been denied. If you’re freelancing, all you have to do is not take any work during that time, no requesting days necessary. Being able to have control over your schedule is great, especially if you choose to do work during school. You’ll be able to do work during your breaks, and even during the semester if you have the free time.

4. The experience.
If you are in a studying a field that is easily transferable to the freelance world, one of the best ways to know if the field is right for you, is to just got out and do work. Even though you’re not in an office, you’re able to gain experience and you have the chance to put that on your résumé. Getting work while you’re still in school could make you the perfect candidate for a future job as you may be more qualified because of the work you’ve done. Also, doing work on your own really shows how motivated you are to learn about the field you’re in.

Some people think that freelancing can be harder than a normal job because you are the one that has to look for work. However, the first step is finding a community meant for freelance work. I personally stick to a few sites that really work for me.

The first is Upwork. This site has everything from writing, to design and even sales. You simply make an account, add the skills you have, and then search for jobs based on those skills. They even tell you how much money you could make for that job, and what the time frame is.

The next site is Elance. This one has the same categories as Upwork, but they also include how many people are also wanting the job, so if you see one with zero people, you may get the first interview. Also, you are able to add a portfolio if your work requires something for a client to see.

The last one I usual visit is reddit. This one is on a website that isn’t necessarily for freelance work, but the subreddit r/forhire, is great for short term and long term work. There are tons of opportunities in different fields, so if you don’t see an opportunity on the first two websites, maybe this one might work for you.

Freelancing is a convenient way to make money and earn experience. You’re able to really get into the field that you want to get into, all the while being your own boss and working when and how you want to. If you ever have the chance to pick up a freelancing job, go for it! It’s a great way to see if what your dream job is really like.

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