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When people think about going to college, there are a few common images that come to mind; lecture halls, weekend nights, football games, and professors in sweater vests. No matter how you think your college experience will consist of, there is one thing that some people don’t really give much that to; campus involvement. While it is a facet of the college experience that is often overlooked, campus involvement may end up being just as important as your academics. Not entirely convinced yet? Here is a list of reasons on why you should go get involved on campus right now.

The more you do, the more people will know you.

The day of a typical college student can vary. Some students choose to go to class and retreat back to their rooms, and then there are the students that go to class and go to an intramural sport practice, a student government meeting, and then to rehearsal. By default, the student who is more involved will be more well-known amongst their peers. Popularity may not be the desired outcome, but at the very least, you will be exposed to more people, allowing for more connections to be made. Meeting the right person at the right event could lead to an internship or other beneficial opportunities. Before you slink back to your bed after class, keep in mind that college is a short, but wildly opportunistic time. Take advantage of your college years while you have them.

The more you do, the better you will do.

This might sound contradictory, but it’s true. The more you do, the more things you have to do, and the more things you need to get done. It sounds stressful, and it is at first, but the more involved you are on campus, the better you will learn time management. Time management is one of the hardest and best tricks to learn. Once it is mastered, you are a master of time. Campus involvement teaches you what your classes can only hint at; the true art of getting everything done in a timely manner. Sure, your professors can give you 100 pages of reading and a paper due by next class, but your extracurriculars teach you the importance of meetings, time constraints and conflicts, and how to get all of that work done around all of your appointments. Campus involvement teaches you how to do well, despite having a lot of things to do.

The more you do, the better you will know yourself.

Campus involvement has done wonders for me personally. If it weren’t for the campus clubs and organizations I involved myself in, I sometimes question if I would be the same person I am today. College is a time for self-discovery, and while professors and college classes are great places to start, it is the things you do outside of the classroom that will really determine your interests and passions. Until you get involved on campus, you could be selling yourself short. I believe that my campus involvement lead me to my future career. Campus involvement could do the same for you.

After those reasons, it’s hard to deny the benefits of getting involved on campus. However, the hardest part is actually finding out how to get involved. After that, the fun can begin. So, here’s how you can get involved.

Take advantage of any club fairs or student organization advertisements your college has.

Once or twice a year, many colleges feature a fair of all the campus organizations they
have. This is probably the best (and easiest) way to know and decide on your options.
Go and sign up for any that interest you, attend a few meetings, and then dive into the ones you decide are best for you.

Find out what your friends are involved in.

Are your friends student tour guides? Are they on the stage crew for the theater
club? Are they the leading scorer on an intramural team? When you don’t exactly know what to involve yourself in, your friends can be a great place to start. Tag along with them to the meetings, or ask them to pass on the contact information to the club leader. This way, you will already know someone who is involved, alleviating any anxiety or nerves you may have.

Keep an eye out for club advertisements on campus.

Student unions are a hub for college campuses and they serve as great places to post
advertisements. Keep an eye out for flyers and posters that are around campus. For instance, if there is a bake sale to benefit the club that works with children, this is a great opportunity to go and buy some baked goods, but also find out more information on that club.

All in all, campus involvement offers many benefits and memories to the college experience. Think of all the people you can meet, the opportunities you will be offered, and the fun you will have. So go and get out there! You wouldn’t be sorry you did.

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