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So your high school graduation is rapidly approaching and you’ve submitted your college applications. Chances are, you are one of three things: 1) cruising through second semester without a care in the world, 2) anxiously awaiting regular decision notifications while applying for scholarships, or 3) just plain bored with the newfound abundance of free time. If you’re like me, you’re probably the latter. And when I’m bored, I tend to want to do things that have been on my bucket list for a while, one of which is to start a blog.

Whether you’ve always wanted to start a blog or you’re not sure whether you’re up for it, here are some good reasons why blogging can help make your senior year more personally fulfilling and aid the transition to bigger and better ventures.

First off, a blog allows you to indulge in your passions. Always wanted to display your fashion acumen but never had the medium? With the capability to use both words and pictures to convey information, blogs are the perfect way to promote your styles. Are you a stickler for proper grammar or want to display pictures of your travel experiences? Websites like WordPress and Blogger make writing lengthy articles a breeze; even Tumblr, which is more of a micro-blogging platform, makes creating and posting images (.gif or otherwise) fairly accessible.

Secondly, a blog lets you make connections with others by sharing that passion. If you didn’t know,“blog” is actually a portmanteau of the “web” and “log.” The former word is key here. It may seem obvious, but by creating content you love and putting it on the “web,” you have the opportunity to inspire and even inform others across borders. Even just posting about the events in your life–be it a trial or a success–can help you forge a links with people you might not have had otherwise, in addition to helping cultivate empathy in your readership.

High school senior Audrey Dedrick, who is starting a blog with two of her friends, says, “Even if it’s probably unrealistic from where we stand now, the main goal of our blog is to motivate people to study languages and, through that, to stimulate ourselves and others to be more culturally sensitive and aware. There are hundreds, probably thousands of websites, videos, books, etc. out there with information on languages, linguistics, and culture, and I know that we’re probably not going to be contributing any really new or profound information to any of these fields as three high school students making a blog on [T]umblr, but by synthesizing existing information into a format that’s easily accessible, attractive, engaging, and encouraging (hopefully), especially to a younger crowd, we can spur others to go out themselves to further their knowledge and awareness of these topics.”

And, evidently, a blog never has to be a lone effort. If you and your friends have an idea for a blog (or if you’re planning to accept applicants for writers), there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing it together; having multiple writers for a blog not only allows updates to be more frequent, but also makes it easier for each writer to specialize in a certain subtopic. Starting a blog with friends can let you have something to do together senior year. Also, if you plan on continuing the blog, it gives you a way to stay connected even if you go to college in different places.

Nevertheless, sometimes writing, even without an actual audience, can be a beneficial process–both as a form of catharsis and as a way to improve your skills. Diaries with locks or half-used English spirals can be good for this, but websites such as Penzu, which makes entries private by default, can be excellent, as well.

Finally, I encourage you to start a blog for the memories. I know it’s cheesy, but years from now, when you’ve graduated college or have your own apartment or simply become an adult in more ways than just in age, it’s nice to have something to look back on that won’t deteriorate with age. You might cringe at your writing or its content, but that just shows how much you will have changed. And that’s what senior year is all about: capturing and embracing that change.

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