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Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) is one of my favorite organizations. I learned about it my sophomore year during a movie screening hosted by the LiNK Club. I am now the vice president of the club. The documentary showing inspired me to be become involved with LiNK because it opened my eyes to the horrors that the North Koreans have to face throughout their lives. Liberty in North Korea is a wonderful organization that works hard to spread information about North Korea and to strive for rights for its citizens. The club does wonderful things and helps the organization with refugee rescues and public outreach.

What is LiNK?

Liberty in North Korea is a humanitarian organization that dedicates its efforts to help the people of North Korea. LiNK is important because it spreads awareness about the conditions North Koreans face everyday. The organization does everything in its power to rescue and provide aid to those people. LiNK focuses on the people, not politics. It seeks to educate the public about the North Korean Crisis, which many are not even aware of. LiNK hosts many events and tours all around the United States. LiNK is run by very passionate people that are looking to leave a positive impact on the world. They believe in what they do and work hard to acquire rights for the North Koreans. To learn more about Liberty in North Korea and the organization’s goals, visit the website or the Facebook page.


We spread awareness largely through documentary screenings. LiNK releases its own documentaries that inform people about North Korea and show what the organization does to help the citizens. Right now, LiNK has produced two documentaries, The People’s Crisis and Danny From North Korea. The Rescue Teams help the organization by hosting screenings in different parts of the world. My club has hosted two screenings this year. One screening had over 120 students in the audience. There weren’t enough fold out chairs for everyone! The documentaries feature emotional accounts from actual North Korean refugees. You are able to hear recounts of the horrible events that the North Koreans have faced and see the rescues take place. The movie screenings are what inspired me and my school’s current LiNK president to join the club.


Rescue Teams help LiNK by fundraising for refugee rescues. These funds are later donated and 100% of the money goes to providing shelter, basic needs, transportation, and the rescue missions. The organization is transparent with their finances and you can view them here. The club at my school has a goal of raising $2,500 (the amount it costs to fund a rescue mission) by the end of the year. It’s a difficult task, but we are working hard to meet our goal. In past years, we have held bake sales and restaurant fundraisers. Restaurant fundraisers are an easy way to raise money if the restaurant is popular, and it is extremely easy to organize. Car washes are also a very popular way to raise money. Check out The Prospect article on fundraising for clubs for more ideas!

Why Start a Rescue Team?

Rescue Teams are essential to the Liberty in North Korea organization. The rescue teams help build a community that the organization can depend on for help with events and fundraising. If you are interested in activism and humanitarian efforts, starting a rescue team a great way to participate. The rescue team will allow you to meet people that are just as passionate in helping the world as you. Joining a rescue team was one of my favorite experiences of high school, and it was worthwhile. I will definitely be joining the rescue team at my college next fall.

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